Twitter allows death threats against President Trump.

In the same time Twitter blocks patriotic, Christian, pro-life, and anti-rape accounts.

By doing so Twitter reflects biased, liberal #MSM and supports #death_culture , #Neo-Marxists , #barbaric_sex_maniacs , #child_rapists , #terrorists , #invaders .

Twitter gagging free speech follows the National-SOCIALIST (Nazi) and the Soviet (of the Union of the Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) pattern of totalitarian SOCIALIST tyranny which was strongly rejected by the peoples of Poland and other Central European countries not enough long ago to forget its evils.

Political and religious censorship by Twitter will not prevail.

Freedom is gifted to the human person by God Himself and no Satanic globalists overlords can deprive individuals of their right to free expression.

God bless Poland, America, and the whole world.


TWITTER NO MORE : @drhalat