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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
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Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
Hymen Related Organs
Diseases of the Hymen
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Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
Hymen and Sports, Ballet
Hymen and Horse Riding
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Hymen and Sex
Hymen and Self- Pleasure
Hymen and Masturbation
Hymen and Wedding
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Hymen Self Examination
Hymen and Virginity
Value of an Intact Hymen
Virginity Testing
Hymen and Medicine
Hymen and Religion
Hymen and Law

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Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns
 hymenal ring correctly visualized when its round free edge can be seen . Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns
hymenal ring correctly visualized when its round free edge can be seen
भगशेफ 阴蒂 چوچوله بظر
To mark  World  AIDS  Day 2009 and promote the AB (and C, if necessary)  strategy of HIV prevention, on December 1, 2009, dr Halat started free service named " dr Halat Online - online medical consultation and advice ". Surprisingly and happily, for online patients from all over the world, hymen problems caused by masturbation soon turned out far more important  than any sexually transmitted infection, including HIV/AIDS. Below, please find some questions in their unchanged wording from those online patients who care about the hymen. For answers, go to other pages at this site or call dr Halat's charity contact and advice by Skype: dr.halat.online or  by WhatsApp : +48 536 608 999 , text messages, photos, videos , all globally for free.

how to stop addiction to mastrubation thigh squeeze before you break hymen?
ways of masterrbating without breaking hymen?
pressing your legs on each other hardly for masturbation harmful for hymen?
my body react and feel sexually desired when i don't want to self sex and sin against God and risk my hymen. How can i overcome lust?
I'm a virgin girl , rupture of hymen due to external masturbation, occurs at which position : 1, 7 or 11, 5 ?
can masturbation break virgin?
how many percent does masturbating with one finger damages the hymen?
what modern science research says about hymen torn due to clitoral stimulation?
is that true hymen is not repture with one finger?
can a virgin girl break hymen and get pregnant from her own masturbatory emissions?
did masturbation destroys the membrane and the womb?
pillow humping in girls breaks hymen?
does hand masterbation of clitorious remove hymen?
do womens get pregnet inspite of masturbate?
can humping a pillow prevent me from saving my hymen and getting pregnant when I get married in the future?
hymen exam by family before marriage will show that I masturbate clitoris?
when a girl masturbates widout inserting anything or fingering herself will her hymen still b dea?
hands free mastabation and hyman laides?
is it advisable to masturbate after a long cycle ride to save hymen?
can girls masturbate while crossing their legs and can they broke hymen?
is humping furniture a form of masturbation bad for virginity?
vaginal fluid and shivering on being aroused risky to virginal membrane?
do the virgin girls get ovum outside while masturbating?
distance between clitoris and vagina and difficulty orgasming through masterbation in a virgin
if you push urethra in masturbation time without inserting finger then can u break ur hymen?
is it haram to rub your clit hood not touching your hymen?
how to check to see if you have a hymen after 5 years of rubbing your clit?
outside only self pleasure and brocken hymen?
how do you know if u still have your hymen if you started mast* when 11?
mature virgins with hymen in spite of jilling externally?
how to masterbate with a hymen?
bumps on vagina and hymen are normal if you stimulate your clitoris daily?
external masterbation stretch hymen?
is musterbating infective for virgins?
tiny bumps on hymen and labia minora that hurt when rubbed?
can virginity lose with pillow rubbing?
can masterbation tear their hymen, clitoris?
is there is any problem with her hymen if a girl doing masturbation with furniture and her labium minus become bigger?
how strong is the hymen, can one have clitorious organism safely?
is the hymen a u shape or an o shape if you masterbate rarely?
does non-penetrative masturbation break the hymen?
is rubbing the pubic area breaks the hymen?
how to mast virgin clit successfully?

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