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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
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What is the Hymen for?
Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
Hymen Related Organs
Diseases of the Hymen
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Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
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Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns
Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns
the most worrisome element of the vaginal opening 阴道口的最令人担忧的因素
العنصر الأكثر إثارة للقلق من فتحة المهبل योनि खोलने का सबसे चिंताजनक तत्व
carina uretralis vaginae urethral keel of the vagina
阴道尿道龙骨 योनि के मूत्रमार्ग उलटना
 اندام نہانی سے الٹنا پیشاب کی نالی
دلسرد شدن مجرای خروجی مثانه از مهبل الإحليل رافدة القص من المهبل
actually not indents on both sides of the carina but a U shaped superficial  notch at 3 o'clock is of some importance, if any भगशेफ 阴蒂 چوچوله بظر

To mark  World  AIDS  Day 2009 and promote the AB (and C, if necessary)  strategy of HIV prevention, on December 1, 2009, dr Halat started free service named " dr Halat Online - online medical consultation and advice ". Surprisingly and happily, for online patients from all over the world, hymen problems caused by masturbation soon turned out far more important  than any sexually transmitted infection, including HIV/AIDS. Below, please find some questions in their unchanged wording from those online patients who care about the hymen. For answers, go to other pages at this site or call dr Halat's charity contact and advice by Skype: dr.halat.online or  by WhatsApp : +48 536 608 999 , text messages, photos, videos , all globally for free.

hymen breaking through horse riding orgasms?
medication for swollen, itchy clitoral hood after masterbating?
tearing of labia majora because of masturbation possible?
rub clit on period to relieve menstrual pain?
how to have multiple organisms while masterbating clitorally?
can a girl break her hymen by humping pillow?
does masturbation and rubbing of vaginal opening destroy hymen?
does masturbation cause you to not start your period?
is it harmful to hump upwards when rubbing clitoris?
does hymen break by experiencing masturbation of pressed thighs against each other?
medical answer of do we break our hymen by squeezing legs together?
is syntribadism bad for your membrane?
does the hymen tear due to external masturbation?
is humping bed bad for your virginal membrane?
how did you come to know that some virgin ladies syntribate in public?
i fold my legs and masturbate does that affect hymen?
can external orgasm break the hymen?
excessive rubbing of clitoris pathological masturbation or not?
teenage girls keeping their virginity for Jesus how do they orgasm?
stimulating clit rubbing on my urethra can spoil my hymen?
masturbating clitoris could torn hymen?
can i lose my virginity by crossing legs during masturbation?
bump between my hymen and anus result from clitoral rubbing?
is repeated climax in clitoris addicted virgin dangerous to her hymen?
what to do if virginity wall is damaged during masturbation with finger?
12 yr. old girl masturbates with a pillow how to stop it?
doin female masturbate wid pilow leads to losin virginty?
pleasures by crossing legs tight affect hymens?
does walking long distances break your hymen or walking regularly breaks your hymen??
can i lose my virginity by crossing legs during masturbation?
can clit stimulation cause period to stop?
how can a woman masturbate to orgasm rubbing her thighs together?
pillow humping cause friction cyst?
masturbation leads to less kids engaging in sex, saves hymens?
masterbate of clitoris lead to hymen break up?
hymen thickening from rubbing clitoris is real?
does rubbing pussy without inserting stretches hymen?
can you lose you virginity by masterbating your clitty?
according to doctors does masturbation in girls looses virginity?
if a 15 year old girl is fingered externally will her hymen pop?
periods problem while pillow riding?
how doctor know ledy still has hymen affter self enjoyment utside?
does masterbating cut hymen?
orgasm through the clitoris make one a non virgin?
humping pillow period cramps relief?
what is normal vaginal discharge when you stimulate clitoris?
fingering the clit does it rupture hymen?
if i masturbate constantly by rubbing my pussy button is it a sin?

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Masters of Willpower at virginology.org