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Menstrual Cycle
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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
Where is the Hymen?
What is the Hymen for?
Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
Hymen Related Organs
Diseases of the Hymen
Hymen Hygiene
Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
Hymen and Sports, Ballet
Hymen and Horse Riding
Hymen and Cycling
Hymen and Sex
Hymen and Self- Pleasure
Hymen and Masturbation
Hymen and Wedding
Hymen and Husband
Hymen Self Examination
Hymen and Virginity
Value of an Intact Hymen
Virginity Testing
Hymen and Medicine
Hymen and Religion
Hymen and Law

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Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns

invisible hidden free edge of the thick fimbrated hymen. Genital Self  Examination at virgin-o-logy.com addresses common concerns
  invisible free edge of the thick fimbrated hymen भगशेफ 阴蒂 چوچوله بظر

To mark  World  AIDS  Day 2009 and promote the
AB (and C, if necessary)  strategy of HIV prevention, on December 1, 2009, dr Halat started free service named " dr Halat Online - online medical consultation and advice ". Surprisingly and happily, for online patients from all over the world, hymen problems caused by masturbation soon turned out far more important  than any sexually transmitted infection, including HIV/AIDS. Below, please find some questions in their unchanged wording from those online patients who care about the hymen. For answers, go to other pages at this site or call dr Halat's charity contact and advice by Skype: dr.halat.online or  by WhatsApp : +48 536 608 999 , text messages, photos, videos , all globally for free.

hymen breaking through horse riding orgasms?
does masturbation cause ichy cuts on your hymen?
dangers to hymenal integrity of fingering your clitoris too often?
could external masturbation cause trouble to my period cycle?
does squirting act break a female virginity?
does fingering clit pierce your hymen?
is fingering or rubbing pussy by own hand before marriage haram in islam?
can masterbating while circling the clitoris lead to breaking the hymen?
does hymen break just by rubbing your clitoris?
does horse riding cause gaps in girls thighs which prove she orgasmed?
if your hymen is fimbriated does it mean its broken by rubbing clitoris?
why my vagina hurts when i hump?
is masturbating alone being naked in the bathroom a sin?
what are the risk of rubbing the clitoris?
masturbation side effect for virginal membrane?
dr advice if masterbating permanetly stretches your hymen?
can girls who masturbate by themseleves get syphilis?
does clitoral masturbation ruin your menstrual cycle?
is masturbating one way of preserving virginity?
when you push urethra then hymen breaks?
young girls obsessed with masturbation good wives in the future?
does superficial masturbation affect a virgin's vaginal membrane?
i cant control my self can a virgin woman herself masturbate her own clitoris alone for my satisfaction and have her hymen intact?
how to masturbate the outside of your vagina and preserve your hymen?
is cumming during menstruation affects hymen?
pushing pillow in vagina can destroy virginity?
can being horny cause clitoris itching and is this a risk to hymen?
frequency of young girls touching themselves to orgasm?
does masturbating clit help itchy and sore pussy in a virgin?
is to much clitoral masterbation harmful?
expression will breaking hymen?
why does it hurt to get a handie female masturbate?
abrasion on glans of clitoris evidence of forcible stimulation?
how to masturbate without breaking hymen?
all virgins should masturbate externally?
does excess masturbating cause water retrenchment?
does humping a pillow effect your period?
can genital warts grow on your hymen and why they occur if no contact?
how mastrubation damage hymen and virginity?
does masturbation damage the clitoris and the membrane?
do pornstar masturbated at their childhood?
is rubbing your pubic bone masturbation?
is masturbation by squeezing legs is not healthy for girls?
does pushing hands towards vagine over clothes break hymen?
i squeeze my legs when masturbating will break hymen?
why pillow humping cause my vagina to bleed?
recommended frequency of masturbation for 19 year old female?
25 year old female virgin obsessed with masturbation what to do?
unmarried girl which periods are not regular can she do sex with his fingure with own vegina?
can a long labia majora cause unexpectant orgasms in a virgin?
olive oil has been used for great orgasms masturbation by hymen virgins?
why teen age interested in maturbation?

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Masters of Willpower at virginology.org