Virgin-O-Logy Genital Self Examination

men are the gatekeepers of commitment and women are the gatekeepers of sex

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Genital Self  Examination at addresses common concerns

sebaceous glands of the vulva, cysts, Fordyce's spots, inner surface of labium minus, Hart's line. Genital Self  Examination at addresses common concerns

sebaceous glands of the vulva, cysts, Fordyce's spots, inner surface of labium minus, Hart's line भगशेफ 阴蒂 چوچوله بظر

To mark  World  AIDS  Day 2009 and promote the AB (and C, if necessary)  strategy of HIV prevention, on December 1, 2009, dr Halat started free service named " dr Halat Online - online medical consultation and advice ". Surprisingly and happily, for online patients from all over the world, hymen problems caused by masturbation soon turned out far more important  than any sexually transmitted infection, including HIV/AIDS. Below, please find some questions in their unchanged wording from those online patients who care about the hymen. For answers, go to other pages at this site or call dr Halat's charity contact and advice by Skype: or  by WhatsApp : +48 536 608 999 , text messages, photos, videos , all globally for free.

is it unhealthy to rub vulva?
is it possible to break my hymen while thigh sqeezing matrubation?
can you orgasm through masterbation even if are a virgin?
does external masturbation harms a girl's hymen?
can squeezing thighs to orgasm break the hymen?
can masturbation reactivate periods?
i can't do without syntribating?
can you hurt your clitoris from rubbing it everyday?
can your hymen tear by dry humping furniture?
can masturbating with the clitoralhood break the hymen?
can mental sex arousal to orgasm break the hymen?
does hymen gets ruptured due to masturbation?
rubbng pusy n removng female sperm....dangerous or does efect on periods?
how will a virgin insert candiasis medicine deep her vagina, clit rub?
rubbing clit considered masturbation?
stimulating the clitoris breaks the hymen?
hand practice break girls virginity?
olive oil for clitoral stimulation saves hymen?
does musterbation lead mi to loss of varginity?
masturbation affects clitoris size?
can 12 year old. girls masturbate for prolonged periods of time, will her hymen be broken?
if rubbing clit i have extra white stringy discretion from vagina is that ovulation and how long does it last?
would hymen break if putting toy between leg and moving hip?
virginity be broken through masturbation with legs crossed?
how long to wait between masturbations sore clit?
clit stimulation good for menstrual cramps?
is it common for a girl to become aroused when squeezing into tight clothes?
orgasm during masturbation affect virginity?
women cross their legs pressure masturbation is there any problem  w hymen?
does rubbing your thighs together for pleasure cause hymenal problems?
does using pillow during masturbation affects hymen?
young girl masturbation danger result her pussy hymen?
masturbation cause prolong vagina bleeding?
who deserves a virgin bride with intact hymen?
painful clitoris from over masterbation should i check if hymen is broken?
girls masturbating on a bike ride risk popping cherry?
do girls masturbate during periods with pillow humping?
clit masturbation thru walk damages hymen?
im a 14 years old girl and can i have syphilis from humping pillows?
does squirting while masterbation spoil the pussy seal?
what happens to hymen if girl rubs her legs together kind of masturbation?
can masturbation cause disruption of hymen?
is masturbation can broke heman?
can i rip my hymen by masturbation of a pillow?
pillow humping and urethral problems?
how to make a virgin girl do orgasam by rubbing clitoris?
can i masturbate clit durng mensuration? 14?
can masturbating naked cause late periods?
how to cause an orgasm in a female and remain a virgin with hymen?

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