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How to prevent and cure problems with clitorises using virgin olive oil obtained from hand squeezed fresh olives
OLIVE YOUR C - I LOVE YOUR C. C stands for Clitoris, Climax, i. e. orgasm, and if married also Cherry, i. e. hymen
YOUR CLITORIS irritated sore raw hurting painful itchy clitoral hood tight clitoral phimosis clitoral prepuce unrectractable not retractable clitoral foreskin preputium clitoridis nonretractile dry, hard kernel of smegma trapped under the foreskin smegmalith clitoral adhesion inflammation infection YOUR CLITORIS


raw - irritated - hurting - painful - itchy
clitoral hood tight
clitoral phimosis
clitoral prepuce unrectractable
not retractable clitoral foreskin
preputium clitoridis nonretractile
clitoral sebum deficit, dry clitoris
dry, hard kernel of smegma
trapped under the foreskin
clitoral adhesion
infection and / or suprainfection
Climax (i. e. orgasm) problems

already married? olive your
Cherry (i. e. hymen) too
see here
Olive oil easily, discreetely, and conveniently accessible and actually free for many in need or bought from ethical sellers of certified products.

"The olive oil remedy on hand: OLIVE YOUR C"

Two most important functions of the clitoral prepuce are the following:
1. protect the clitoral shaft and the clitoral glans from unwanted, casual friction;
2. lubricate with own sebum its inner side and the head of the clitoris to enable a pleasurable sliding of the hood back and forth across the head of the clitoris when the sexual stimulation is wanted and needed to achieve a satisfactory level of brain chemicals (see here: dopamine-serotonin-adrenaline.com)

Cutting off the clitoral hood, even its tiniest part, impairs both functions. The same is true about any other form of genital mutilation, including genital piercing. Partial and total amputation of the clitoral glans and / or shaft is generally recognized as torturous genital mutilation
(see here: Genital mutilation).

By their nature, sizes of clitoral hoods differ substantially due to variety of interrelated genetic and environmental factors (GaE) and not always are reflecting dynamic changes of the clitoral head's and the clitoral shaft's dimensions over the lifetime. The temporal redundancy or phimosis of the clitoral prepuce for thousands of years has been corrected by female circumcision (Female Circumcision: Indications and a New Technique, W.G. Rathmann, M.D., GP, vol. XX, No. 3, pp 115-120 , September, 1959), a surgical procedure which now is judged as genital mutilation. Similiarly to its male counterpart, the pre-pubescent preputium clitoridis is naturally phimotic, and any attempts to separate the preputium from the glans can prove not only stressful but also very painful.

Lack of sufficient protection of the most sensitive female body part, may easily result in unintentional arousal due to casual friction of clitoral glans contacting directly with a panties fabric and induced by anything that could exert pressure to the crotch area. Not uncommonly, the deficit of sebum is a culprit of sudden and severe suffering in such circumstances, which should be named as "the brushing with shark skin effect", because patients usually talk about pains of dry clitoral brushing with sandpaper, stinging, sitting on broken glass, etc.

Why is my clit dry? Watering will not help much.

When clitoral stimulation is intentional, the deficit of sebum most commonly is compensated with the use of saliva for lubrication of the clitoral glans, clitoral hood, and even the vaginal vestibule and inner labia. Before the arousal phase is enough advanced to secure required demand of lubricating secretions like the vaginal exudate and the Bartholin's glands mucus, the only source of moisture on hand seems to be the mouth. Alas, the microbial populations of the normal human vulva and the normal human mouth are strikingly different, not to mention dangerous pathogens, most often causing asymptomatic or scarcely symptomatic colonizations, infections and infestations.

Using saliva to moisten vulval structures was in medical practice advised against long before the widely cited research of Univeristy of Michigan appeared (Candida Transmission and Sexual Behaviors as Risks for a Repeat Episode of Candida Vulvovaginitis, Barbara D. Reed, Philip Zazove, Carl L. Pierson, Daniel W. Gorenflo, and Julie Horrocks, Journal of Women's Health. December 2003, Vol. 12, No. 10: 979-989). In spite of genuine medical indications, Miconazole, Clotrimazole, Tioconazole, Butoconazole or even Fluconazole become the first line treatment of any suspected or misjudged signs and symptoms of clitoral or vestibular irritation, medications 'justified' by, in fact unnecessary although time consuming, embarrassing, and not rarely expensive examinations and tests. Because the topical antifungal medications open the list of chemical causes of chronic vulvodynia, this outdated 'treatment' not uncommonly makes much more harm than good and therefore violates the Hippocrates' first rule of medicine which states Primum, non nocere, [First, do no harm].

A lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between moving surfaces. Watery lubricants like saliva, dry up quickly, as commercial water-based lubricants do. Taking into account multiple orgasms or at least multiple instances of close-to-orgasm releases of brain chemicals caused by clitoral stimulation during masturbatory sessions, the frequent lubrication with saliva as a lube has capacity to bring in infective doses of pathogens and must never be neglected as a cause of clitoral and vestibular problems.

An average frequency of saliva contaminated clitoral self - stimulation per masturbatory session varies from 2 to 3  times  in ten minutes. 

Grease the clitoris, don't shave your pubes

Smegma (also known as genital cheese) is nothing else but sebum (in Latin: fat, tallow), a waxy, oily secretion, and consists of lipids, wax, and the debris of dead fat-producing cells. Sebum is odourless, but bacteria, particularly alien ones, are able to overcome the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory power of its antimicrobial fatty acids and genital sebum may produce odours which are unpleasant for some people.

Generally, pheromones present in the genital sebum belong to the small minority of sensual stimulants which are as such not-learned (through the conditioned reflexes, incl. Pavlovian ones), and like the tactile stimulants applied to specific erogenous zones can trigger an involuntary sexual arousal without previous learning. Pubic hair serves to trap pheromones and this is why removing the 'scent trap' by shaving pubic hair impairs natural human sexuality. Functional loss due to disrupting of interrelated physiological phenomena appears to be much deeper: a uniqe role of pheromones as neurotransmitter releasers is being researched, starting from the seminal study of Kohl, J., Atzmueller, M., Fink, B. & Grammar, K. Human Pheromones: Integrative Neuroendocrinology & Ethology. NEL 22, 309-321(2001).