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men are the gatekeepers of commitment and women are the gatekeepers of sex

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Can hand stimulation of my clitoris break hymen?
Humping bolster pillow to masturbate damaging hymen?
Rubbing pushing and pressing clitoris can break hymen?
If you press your legs to get an orgasmn can you break hymen?
Can you break your hymen by squeezing thighs together to get orgasm?
Can you break hymen from rubbing clitoris and minor labia?
I masturbate with my bolster, will it break my hymen?
Could the hymen be broken by pushing the clitoris?
Is leg squeezing masturbation harmful?
Can you permanently damage your clitoris by rubbing hard every day?
Can masturbation cause muscle to loose for virgin girl?
Can syntribating break the hymen?
Can rubbing your thighs together break ur hymen?
Masturbating pillow without panty risky?
Does normal masturbation damage the clitoris?
What if u masturbate by rubing legs in periods, any problems?
Should be afraid to orgasm while pillow humping?
Does the hymen rip for virgens with clitoral stimulation?
Can horseriding actually break your clitorus?
Does rubbing the vagina's hood cause you not to get ur period?
Masterbation through the clit mess with period?
Does clitoris masturbation break the hymen wall in girls?
Does the hymen break if you squeeze thighs together ?
Rubbing thighs together for pleasure breaks hymen?
Can rubbing outside your vagina make you break your hymen?
Does rubbing the vagina's clitoral hood cause you not to get ur period?
Can external masturbation cause virginity loss?
Does clitoral stimulation remove virginity?
Thigh squeezing masturbation damages hymen? 
Can squeezing to orgasm damage the hymen?
Is it dangerous if we rub our clitoris during periods?
Can masterbation without penetration brake the hymen?
Can clitoris stimulation break virginity?
Health risk for humping pillows?
Does rubbing the clitoris cause the hymen to break?
Does masturbation by stimulating clitoris break hymen?
Can a hymen break from clitoral masturbation? 
A girl is musterbating since childhood does it reduces her capacity of sex?
Risk of losing virginity by mastubrating with pillow?
When a 12 year old girl masturbates with a pillow will that break her hymen?
Can clit stimulation break the hymen?
Does solo masturbation leads to defloration?
Can pillow humping break a girl's hymen?
Does only rubbing the finger on the clit results in loss of virginity?
Can you break your hymen by squeezing your legs together?
If hymen breaks for masterbating by squeezing pillow with slight dark coloured bleeding?
Does female masturbation cause the loss of virginity?
Can masturbation break virginity?
Is hymen ruptured by rubbing pillow?
Does orgasm during period affect hymen?
Does rubbing clit dilate the hymen and break it?
Does an orgasm break the hymen wall?
Can you break your hymen by squeezing your legs together? 
Does the clitoris bleed when hymen break?
Is masturbation harmful for hymen?
Does rubbing the clit breaks hymen?
Can dry humping furniture affect a girls first period?
Can your hymen break by stimulating your clitoris?
Rubbing your thighs together and breaking your hymen?
Does syntribating cause early or frequent periods?
Does rubbing clitoris break hymen?
Will massaging clitoris break hymen?
Masturbating by squeezing your legs together will spoil your hymen?
Will maturbate with pillow break verginity [hymen?]?
Masterbation through the clit mess with period?
Hymen broken by squeezing thighs?
Is there any risk of mastarbation during periods?
Can external mastrubation tear hymen?
Can clitoris stimulation break the hymen?
Can u break ur hymen with clitoral stimulation?
Crossing the legs while masturbating destroy ovary?
Can hymen be broken by inner pressure?
If you masterbate by just squeezing your legs together can you break your hymen?
Can you ruin your virginity by masturbating alone?
Does hymen break by rubbing clitoris in menstrual period?
Can humping a pillow affect a girls virginity?
Does external vibration on the clitoris break the hymen?
Repeated musterbation by lady hymen breaks or not?
Can humping a pillow harm hymen or vagina?
Rubbing your thighs together and breaking your hymen?
Is there any dangers in masturbation and humping things?
Does non penetrative mustabation make cunt loose?
Rubbing pussy can damage hymen?
Is rubbing may clit affects my hymen?
Does a girl loses her virginity by experiencing orgasm?
Rubbing cloth against pussy does harms hymen?
Does masturbation effect left leg?
Can thigh squeezing break hymen?
Does hymen breaks from clitoral masturbation?
Orgasms break your hymen?
Can hymen be broken by a pillow?
Does masturbation by rubbing affect virginity
Does masturbation using pillow cause problem for women?
Does masturbating with clothes on break your hymen?
Orgasm by squeeze bolster pillow between vagina and bed damaging hymen?
Does first masturbation with outside fingering break the hymen?
Does masturbation deprives the females of their virginity?
Can masturbating and orgasming by humping a pillow help stop your period?
Can pillow humping delay period and how long?
Is masterbating cuz breaking the hymen?
Will hymen break if rubbing clit while having a period? 
Does masturbation using pillow cause problem for women?
Can crossing your legs and squeezing mess up your period cycle?
Does masturbation using pillow affect vagina?
Tearing of hymen with pillow humping?
Humping pillow can that ruin virginity?
Does humping pillows change girl body?
Girls break hymen during masturbation?
Tearing of hymen with pillow humping?
Humping with pillow destroy virginity?
Can fingering cause defloration?
Can you hurt your vagina bad by pillow humping?
Does masturbation by humping a pillow loosen your vulva and affect your hymen?