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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
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Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
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Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
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Hymen Self Examination
Hymen and Virginity
Value of an Intact Hymen
Virginity Testing
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The Virginal Charm. 
Ovulation. Period. Menstruation. Menstrual Cycle 

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Follicular  phase Luteal phase
Period (menses) Soon after period Soon before ovulation Ovulation Soon after
Sooner or later before period
Observing bleeding, cramps
sexual urges
& attractiveness
sexual urges
& attractiveness
at the highest point,
midcycyle pain,

or mild premenstrual symptoms
or premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
or premenstrual dysphoric disorder  (PMDD) 
Checking cervical fluid
 aka cervical mucus
by wiping
 the vaginal vestibule
 with toilet paper, folded,
not crumpled,
before and after urination,
or just by inspecting underwear

dry or sticky creamy like lotion slippery
 like raw egg white, stretchy,
copious enough
 to show on the underwear but
it is NOT kind of fluid
wetting panties due to spontaneous vaginal lubrication
still fertile
white, dry, sticky, thick;
 the cervix sealed with a thick plug of mucus, sperms can't enter
Measuring Basal Body Temperature (BBT) immediately after awakening and before any physical activity

in circa 10% 
slight drop
just before ovulation
sharp rise of 
4/10th of a degree
at least, just after ovulation
BBT remains higher drops soon before period
Testing of the blood these medical procedures are undertaken at the doctor's discretion in order to diagnose a broad plethora of gynaecological disorders and diseases; some home tests available.
Physiology: A released egg begins its journey through the salpinx ready to meet the most competitive sperm for conception and - as embryo child of its two parents - implant in the uterus 6 to 7 days after fertilisation; in hopes of giving shelter and food to newly conceived human being, the lining of the uterus thickens and becomes full of vessels; if implantation does not happen, estradiol and progesterone levels drop, the lining of the uterus breaks down and menstruation occurs; unfertilised eggs disintegrate by apoptosis (i.e. programmed cell death) in the salpinx; fertilised and unimplanted blastocysts (2 in 5 of all) are incorporated into mother's body by phagocytes in the uterine cavity.
Microscopic view of ovum (egg)
Microscopic view of the endometrium
aka the lining of the uterus
In the basics of womanhood, women are vulnerable and unpredictable by nature. Only stable marriages offer unique opportunities to protect female diversity. No other relationships create natural environment for women  who need a reliable support to face hardships and uncertainties of PMS, PMDD, pregnancy, and raising successful children.
 Per procreational cycle, a woman is usually ready to conceive
for 12-24 hours only,
but can  get pregnant from sexual intercourse occurring ANYTIME
 from about 5  days prior to ovulation to 2 days after ovulation.
Any normal menstrual cycle can vary from about 24 to 36 days. Two or more eggs can be released within a 24 hour period. Ovulation can occur as early as day 6 or as late as day 30 or later in any cycle. This is why any woman can get pregnant from intercourse during her period or just before expected period, if ovulation has not yet occurred since the end of the last menstruation. The lifespan of the egg after ovulation is just from 12 to 24 hours, or less. The lifespan of the sperm after ejaculation into a woman's vagina is 3 to 5 days (up to a few hours in semen  outside the body).  A drop in basal temperature occurs in 1 of 10 women;  by the time the temperature has risen, the egg is no longer viable. Slippery, like raw egg white, and stretchy cervical fluid is a cardinal sign of body's readiness for pregnancy.

Hymen and Period, Hymen and Menstrual Cycle,
Ovulation Induced Sexuality Control Deficit Disorder (OISCDD)

Question 1.
Do periods create any risk to hymenal wholeness?
click here for the anwer at hymen-virgin-membrane.com

Question 2.
Can any vaginal discharge other than menstrual blood spoil the hymen?
click here for the anwer at hymen-virgin-membrane.com

Question 3.
In what phase of the menstrual cycle the hymen is critically endangered?
see below

Question 4.
How to minimize the risk of spoiling the hymen through masturbation
when sexual urges become very strong?

see below

Question 5.
How to minimize the risk of premarital defloration when the body calls for pregnancy?
see below

Question 6.
What are the signs and symptoms of ovulation?
see above

Question 7.
Is there a reliable, rapid,  and cheap device to can be used to detect ovulation easily
without any mess
see below

Question 8.
At what age a maturing girl should be given a chance of predicting her ovulation ?
see below