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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
(Edmund Burke)
A letter of intention of the year 2009
The first new millennium born teens will celebrate their 13th birthday on January 1st, 2014. There are circa 1,500 days until  January 1st, 2014. Many of the tens of millions of year 2001 born children have been already irreversibly infected and mutilated, tortured physically and mentally, robbed of their virginity and converted to sex toys of perverts. The vast majority are still waiting, unknowingly, for their chance to enter adulthood  spared from deadly disease and crippling disability. Within the 1,500 coming days let us become people of good will who really try hard to initiate the great shift of consciousness for the sake of the new millennium generations.

Dear friends,
below please find crude data on children born in 2001 and internet users in 2009 in Africa and Europe. The internet is being widely misused for peadophile rings, trafficking in humans, pornography and prostitution business organizers, and social structure disintegration instigators. The internet is an efficient weapon in the hands of all those who are in a war against God and humanity, the war against us all.  To refrain from actively counteracting the sluttification processes implies a tacit acceptance.  Should we refrain from doing something good for the sake of the new millennium generations?

Let's guess 1 in 7 internet users wouldn't ever support virginity until marriage. The remaining 6 in 7 make the number of 400 million of internet users in Africa and Europe. The number of children born in 2001 in Africa and Europe is ten times lower - circa 40 million.  Ten internet users could, if  wanted, become guardians of  one year 2001 born child's virginity until marriage.

Should you find your role in the VIRGINS UNTIL MARRIAGE -  CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATION OF  THE AFRICAN UNION AND THE EUROPEAN UNION project enough promising/satisfying/profitable, please do not hesitate, dear friends, to use social networking tools
(Click to join Virgins_until_Marriage). 

dr Z Halat, medical epidemiology consultant
dr Z Halat, medical epidemiology consultant, noxologist
Project designer, Virgins until Marriage  -  Civil Society Organization of  the African Union and the European UnionĀ©
Chairman, The John Snow International Society for Common Sense in Public Health


the study (health surveys, observation, hypothesis testing, analytic research, and experiments)
of the distribution (analysis by time, place, and classes of persons affected)
and determinants (physical, biological, social, cultural, and behavioural factors that influence health)
of health-related states or events (diseases, causes of death, behaviour such as promiscuity, other sociopathies, reactions to preventive regimens) 
in specified populations (identifiable characteristics such as precisely defined numbers) 
and the application of this study to control health problems (to promote, protect, and restore health)
prof. J Last

Noxology, health hazards science, is a branch of epidemiology and is the scientific study of  harmful factors, taking into account a number of usually ignored aspects of the health hazards impact on humans, which include varied susceptibility of individuals (families, communities, nations) to a harmful factor acting alone or together with others, exhibiting a synergistic effects on health.  In noxology, the starting point of the diagnostic process is the cause of health-related states or events investigated on individual, family, community, national, or global level (compare: Posita causa, ponitur effectus and Nihil fit sine causa).
dr Z Halat