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Extra Virgin Olive Oil C h extra-virgin-olive-oil-c.eu
Extra Virgin Olive Oil C

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Prenuptial Medical Certificate.
Medical Certificate prior to Marriage.
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OLIVE YOUR C, here C stands for Cherry 
OLIVE YOUR C here C stands for Cherry for nuptial defloration of your intact microperforate crassus hymen thick and inelastic with tight hymenal opening, allegedly impenetrable
OLIVE YOUR C for successful nuptial defloration of your intact microperforate crassus hymen thick and inelastic with tight hymenal opening, allegedly impenetrable

Mrs Kinsey's thick and inelastic hymen was found impenetrable by her virgin husband on their wedding night and became an astounding trigger of  'Sex Revolution'. 

Perhaps, if Clara McMillen had known better her own anatomy and tried to dilate her vaginal opening a bit more in anticipation of the most important night of her life, and she and her newlywed husband would had used abundant amounts of olive oil to make consummation of their natural marital intercourse as much enjoyable for both as possible, professor Alfred Kinsey, PhD (doctoral thesis  on gall wasps) would remain an enthusiastic entomologist instead of applying zoological citeria to medicine of human beings. 

Kinsey's scientific research distorted or not, surprisingly encounters more criticism than Sigmund Freud's insane fantasies which were on purpose employed to destroy America and all humanity with use of the U. S. powers: In einem in Wien im Jahr 1955 gehaltenen Vortrag behauptete Jacques Lacan, bei einem Besuch bei Carl Gustav Jung aus dessen Mund folgende Episode gehört zu haben: 1909 auf der Reise zum amerikanischen Kontinent zur Clark University in Worcester, wo er seine fünf Vorlesungen über Psychoanalyse halten sollte, hätte Sigmund Freud seinem Schüler ins Ohr geflüstert: „Sie wissen nicht, daß wir ihnen die Pest bringen." Wörterbuch der Psychoanalyse: Namen, Länder, Werke, Begriffe, Élisabeth Roudinesco, Michel Plon - 2004 here, in English by  Google: In a Vienna lecture given in 1955, Jacques Lacan claimed to have heard during a visit to Carl Gustav Jung from his mouth following episode: in 1909 on the trip to the American continent to Clark University in Worcester, where he gave five lectures on psychoanalysis  Sigmund Freud whispered in his student's ear: "They do not know that we bring them the plague."

The Freudian plague brought to America was then intentionally introduced subversion: “Sexual morality—as society, in its extreme form, the American, defines it—seems to me very contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life” Freud: A Life for Our Time, Peter Gay 1988.

Freud's pseudo-scientific misogyny (hatred against girls and women here)  still backs extremely inhuman genital mutilation ["the elimination of clitoridal sexuality is a necessary precondition for the development of feminity". Gender and envy, Nancy Burke, 1998,  here ],  and is being openly blamed for the government incited incestuous paedophilia in Germany, Sex Plague, Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, 2010 here

Angela Merkel and her government who are promoters of incestuous paedophilia want to teach infants, toddlers, and preschoolers throughout Europe how to masturbate.

Ladies, stamp out the misogynic lies. The dehumanizators want to sluttify you, exploit you abandon you.
Ladies, stamp out the misogynic lies. [misogyny = the hatred of girls and women]. The dehumanizators want to sluttify you, exploit you, abandon you. 

Did you search for truth? You were not alone. Compare your experiences with the Edith's ones.

Freud's junk science in anti-Christian religious wars of satanism, sabbatean kabbalah, and the Masonic lodge B'nai Brith which reportedly after 1897 became a jumping board to his career, are far beyond the scope of this article but must be kept in mind while comparing Freud's and Kinsey's motivation of changing popular views on human sexuality.

Finally, from the medical epidemiology point of view it is odds ratio (relative risk even better) that makes a null hypothesis rejected or not, on the basis of significant difference.

Being personally or being exposed to
a Freud's and Kinsey's ideas worshipper
/sexual revolution follower
Affected directly or indirectly,
 both as a victim or culprit
by human suffering as a result of
promiscuity, family collapse
premature deaths, epidemic diseases, etc


The Roman Catholic attitude towards dehumanized dehumanizators should be as open as possible. While recognising how harmful are their practices they must not ever confront closed  doors to improvement following sincere confession, regret, redress and determination to avoid evil, which is always possible until they die.