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Prenuptial Medical Certificate.
Medical Certificate prior to Marriage.
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Regimen na Sláinte

Debet autem vir et mulier commisceri ad inuicem hora et modo et figura conuenientibus ad hoc vt sequatur fecundatio. Hora autem naturalis et conueniens est postquam facta est administratio illorum que menstrua mundificant: et est perfecte mulier mundata ab eis. Et quando mulier non est famelica nec crapulata nec ebria. Et quando non est calefacta nec infrigidata in excessu. Et prima digestio est completa et tempus aduenerit suscipiendi alium cibum. Et eligatur hora qua mulier coitum appetit non propter aspectum vel confricationem sed naturaliter. Debent autem vir & mulier tanto tempore prolongare coitum quod sperma sit digestum. Nec debent tantum differe quod ambo spermata corrumpantur. Si enim accidat illud vtantur coitu secundum modum qui non est ad impregnandum. Deinde demittant ipsum tamdiu quod sciatur quod sperma bonum iam aggregatum sit. Amplius prolonget vir ludum cum muliere cuius complexio est bona cum mamillarum tactu suaui & verbis amicabilibus et tactu pectinis eius et obuiet ei non permiscendo se ei permixtione vera. Cunque mulier desiderat & affectat permisceatur ei fricando de ea quod est inter anum eius desuper et vuluam. Ille enim est locus delectationis eius. Considerat ergo horam in qua sit ipsius mulieris fortis adherentia et eius oculi incipiunt mutari in rubedinem: et eius anhelitus eleuari: et verba eius balbutire: et tunc mittat illuc sperma oppositum ori matricis dilatando locum eius illic parumper scilicet tanta dilatatione ne ingrediatur aer exterior et non est bonum vt vir expleat suum desiderium ante mulierem immo simul parum vel mulier ante. Et in seminum emissione vir adhereat mulieri fortissime secundam figuram quod mulieris crura sint eleuata parumper. Nec vir statim descendat sed adhereat donec videat anhelitum mulieris quietatum et quod nodi oris matricis quiescunt muliere iacente parum eleuatis coxis et euerso dorso. Et tunc descendat et mulier remaneat horula vna supina constrictis pedibus et retento anhelitu. Et si dormierit post illud erit melius ad conceptionem et si contingat ipsam conuerti sit ad dextrum latus.

Amplius prolongent ludum, et proprie cum mulieribus quorum complexiones non sunt male. Langat ergo vir eius mammillas cum facilitate, et tangat pectinem eius et obuiet ei non permiscendo se ex permixtione vera. Quandoque desiderat et affectat permisceatur ei fricando de ea quod est inter anum eius desuper et vuluam. Alle enim locus est delectationis eius. Consideret ergo in ea horam in qua fortis fit in ipsa adherentia et incipiunt oculi eius mutari in rubedinem, et eius anhelitus eleuari, et verba eius balbutire.
A Gaelic Medical Manuscript
of the early 16th century or perhaps older

It must be a man and a woman, however, and commit to one another and in the manner and the figure of assembling in the hour of this as a thing, let him follow and fruitfulness. Natural and suitable to the hour, however, is a month after he was created of those things that the administration of the mundificant: the woman, and it is perfectly cleansed from them. And when the woman was not starving or drunk or intoxicated. And when it is not heated or cooled in an ecstasy of. And this connection is complete and the time comes, to accept other food. And is chosen at which the woman seeks mate for not looking or confricationem the natural way. They must, however, a man and a woman only prolong the time of sexual intercourse that sperm is digested. Nor should they only differ with respect to both of them that the sperm should be corrupted. If the result is used in the way that sexual intercourse is not the impregnandum. Then send it for so long that it is known that sperm is good for the aggregate. More prolonged the game with a woman whose husband is a good summary of the breasts with a sweet touch and amicable words and touch, and the shuttle itself in the admixture mixed obuiet not true. When a woman wants and desires of those that are mixed to it by rubbing it between her anus and above the vulva. He, however, is the place of his pleasure. Then be considered by the hour in which the woman's strong support and who lack the glitter of his eyes begin to change in and out of breath, lifted her, and her words, stutter, and then send the seed is there, opposite the mouth of the uterus, the spread of his place there for a moment that such an enlargement of the external air from entering and like a man before the woman is the good of his desire, or rather at the same time little or woman before she can fill. And the release of seeds in the second figure that most women support a woman's legs are raised for a moment. Not the man to come down soon, but until you see your breath support and that the problems of the woman's mother rest in a quiet little woman lying upside down on his back and raised his hips. And then come down and one woman remain horula supine and feet were bound, retaining the breath. And if her after that it will be better for the conception of itself and if it should be turned to the right side.

Men should take their time over playing with women who do not have a poor complexion. They should caress their breasts and pubis, and enfold their partners in their arms without really performing the act. And when their desire is fully roused, they should unite with the woman, rubbing the area between the anus and the vulva. For this is the seat of pleasure. They should watch out for the moment when the woman clings more tightly, when her eyes start to go red, her breathing becomes more rapid and she starts to stammer.