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For the purposes of sexual arousal and satisfaction more and more males and females resort  to pornography which is an explicit sexual stimulus  being recognized as attractive and  becoming a sexual stimulant, and triggering a sexual response. Any stimulus can be  recognized as attractive to an individual and become a sexual stimulant to him / her while being indifferent to many, and repulsing to some at the same time.

Pornography, porn for pigs :  
Pornography, porn for pigs : dummy sow for swine semen collection in the eyes of a boar an attractive sexual stimulant causing his sexual arousaldummy sow for swine semen collection in the eyes of a boar: an attractive sexual stimulant causing his sexual arousal

To objectify a human person is to focus exclusively on his or her sexual attractiveness and to degrade the human person to human flesh
'long pig that speaks' Cf. White Shadows in the South Seas by Frederick O'Brien here

Why porn stimuli are recognized by so many as attractive sexual stimulants?
(a) Do they satisfy 
(b) Do they satisfy sadistic needs?
(c)  Are they the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden?
(d) Are they surrogates for marital intimacy?

What is the single most important cause of attractiveness of pornography in YOUR case?

Actually, what can be expected under cover?

Normal variants of anatomy are entirely the same within each of two sexes. Are you hunting for malformations or mutilations? Poor you.

Yes, people suffer when against their will they have to share their personal property which nudity is. Remember what the sadistic Germans did in the German death camp Auschwitz? You Nazi too?

By their nature, immature people starve for what is denied to them, like underage boozing, smoking or fornication, any kind of unearned reward. Be mature. Don't get trapped. And lost.

Sexual intimacy is man's and woman's personal property and should be shared exclusively within their marriage. It's really hot. Adding the ice of porn makes cold. Forever.

"The idea of a choiceless woman, indifferent to whom she takes as sexual partner and ever available, is a male porn consumer's wet dream.  It is also, unfortunately, most rapists'" The Australian June 01, 2011

What is pornography?

Innate and conditioned visual sexual stimulants in increasing order of power: body moves - body shape - body shape covered but revieling the outline of breasts, waist, genitals- nude female breast - nude buttocks - vulva / penis - partnered sex - solo sex.  If not conditioned all of them are just visual stimuli not recognized as sexual stimulants
The beautiful and chaste virgin goddess Venus (stayed virgin until her arranged marriage with Hephaestus)