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Ovulation Induced Sexuality Control Deficit Disorder (OISCDD)

In the end of  folicullar phase soon before ovulation, sexual urges become stronger and stronger to reach the highest point on the day of ovulation. This natural mechanism designed for successful procreation works very well within the wedlock.

But in a maturing girl and not-yet-married woman, the ovulation induced sexuality control deficit disorder (OISCDD) although very short lasting since limited to a couple of days can adversely affect her behaviour and lead to irreversible losses of  her valuable assets.

Awareness of the risks of the OISCDD is very limited among parents, carers, educators and spiritual leaders. Even if they are aware of OISCDD, simple prudery restricts them from communicating important facts of life to the most vulnerable segment of society. Thus pubertal and adolescent young people are deprived of an effective tool for defending their integrity which knowledge of own physiology is. The doors are open to paedophiles, ephebophiles and other sex obsessed maniacs who find pleasure in illegal /illicit devirginizing.

Menstrual Cycle

Disastrous lust
μαχλοσύνην ἀλεγεινήν, luxuria calamitosa, الكارثية شهوة  )

Sexual desire degradated to lust  is a powerful weapon of mass destruction sooner or later severely damaging sexual predators themselves, as well as their direct an indirect victims, whole familes, communities and nations.
Being one of 7 deadly sins, lust (Latin: luxuria) is defined as
" obsessive, unlawful depraved thought, or unnatural desire for sexual excitement, such as desiring sex with a person outside marriage or engaging in unnatural sexual appetites. "

" Lustfulness is a tendency to feel sexual desire too much and seek sexual pleasures too much.
Lust is not a virtue because it is a tendency to feel too much sexual desire and to respond to it too indiscriminately. Lust lies at the extreme of excess."
Aristotle on Virtue)

" Lust prevents clarity of thought and rational behavior. "
" Lust is the self-destructive drive for pleasure out of proportion to its worth.  "
" Lust offers only a moment of pleasure, but we live as if it will bring lasting happiness. "
Sex, power, or image can be used well, but they tend to go out of control. "
 " The demon of lust responsible for twisting people's sexual desires is Asmodeus -
.demon of lust, personally responsible for stirring up matrimonial trouble.
Maybe it was because he came from the original dysfunctional family.
Asmodeus routinely did everything he could to keep husbands and wives from having intercourse,
while encouraging them at every turn to indulge their pent-up drives in adulterous and sinful affairs."

" Catholic doctrine on evil spirits teaches that the fallen angels really exist and are permitted to try and tempt people. "

" The Book of Tobias: the virgin Sara had been given successively to seven husbands; but they had all been slain on the night of the nuptials, before the consummation of the marriage. God allowed the demon to slay these men because they entered marriage with unholy motives. The pious youth, Tobias, acting under the instructions of Raphael, takes Sara to wife, and Raphael expels the demon. The exemplary chastity and temperance of Tobias and Sara save them from the demon, and offer an example for mankind. In fact, the permission given by God to the demon in this history seems to have as a motive to chasten man's lust and sanctify marriage."
Jan Steen: Tobias en Sarah bidden terwijl Rafael bindt de demon aka De huwelijksnacht van Tobias en Sarah, ca 1660.
Jan Steen: Tobias en Sarah bidden terwijl Rafael bindt de demon aka De huwelijksnacht van Tobias en Sarah,  ca 1660.
(Tobias and Sarah pray while Raphael binds the demon of lust aka The Wedding Night of Tobias and Sarah).
The Archangel Raphael expels Asmodeus, the demon of lust responsible for twisting people's sexual desires. The dog symbolizes human hedonetropism, fundamental to happy and fruitful marriage.