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Love Wroclaw iconic views, Wroclaw read VrotsLove, Poland, world virginity until marriage capital created by the Catholic Culture of the European Civilization
Fine Art Photography 
by Zbigniew Halat

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Most commonly disastrous lust results in unfaithfulness, infidelity, treachery, treason and ends in breaking vows, oaths, covenants, promises, homages etc.,  breaches of trust, acts of betrayal.
The following are two examples of  disastrous lust's catastrophic outcomes
affecting whole nations

Charles Villars, 1805
An essay on the spirit and influence
of the reformation of Luther

" Lutherus ira, ambitione, llbidine victus, a religiosa vita desciscit.
Luther, subdued by rage, ambition, and lust, quits a religious life..
Lutherus cum sacra Deo vergine incestas nuptias init sacrilegus..
Sacrilegious Luther contracts an incestuous marriage with a holy virgin of God. [Martin Luther, was an Augustinian monk, and Katharina von Bora was a Cistercian nun] (Synopsis Historiae Soc. Jes. primo saeculo, 1640)

" A more important circumstance to the manner in which Germany is settled, was the establishment of the Prussian monarchy, the foundation of which was laid by the reformation. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, Prussia was an ecclesiastical country, governed by the grand master of the Teutonic order.  Albert of Brandenburg, who was grand master at that time [a member of the House of Hohenzollern, visited Martin Luther at Wittenberg and soon thereafter became sympathetic to Protestantism] .... He secularized Prussia in 1525, and made it an hereditary duchy for himself and descendants, under seigniorage of the king of Poland. [the Prussian Homage or Tribute, April 10, 1525 in the market of the Polish capital Kraków] He married and had children, and the last heiress of this branch, named Anne, espoused the hereditary prince, who was afterwards Elector of Brandenburgh, by the name of John Sigismond. [In 1655 war broke out between Sweden and Poland. Charles Gustavus, king of Sweden, compelled Frederick William to join him, and to do homage for Prussia, which had formerly been held in fief of Poland. After a battle of three days at Warsaw, the Poles were defeated (1656). In the following year the elector turned round and concluded an alliance with the Poles, receiving, by the treaty of Wehlau, in return for the promise of his aid an acknowledgment of the complete independence of Prussia. Frederick William ]
Joanna Bogle, 2009
Henry VIII: petulant, lustful, greedy
 - but never protestant
500 years after his rule began the Tudor tyrant's tragic religious legacy seems almost accidental.

The Reformation in England was composed of events that were unique. It was not – despite the message put across by later propaganda – essentially a revolt by the common people against the corruptions of the Church, much less a call for a change to “purer” doctrines. It had its roots in the personal life of the Sovereign – a Sovereign initially wholly dedicated to the Church and to the end a staunch attender at a daily Latin Mass with all the traditional trimmings – and in his petulance, lust, avarice and greed.
Certainly, however, the events in England cannot be seen in isolation. In 1534 and 1535 when the king’s “great matter” – his planned annulment of his marriage to Catherine and his marriage to Anne Boleyn – were being played out, it was against a backdrop of ferocious religious ferment in Europe. Martin Luther had been hauled into court in 1518 to defend his arguments on indulgences. In 1521 he wrote his letter to the Pope, von der Freiheit des Christenmenchen, and events were set in train for his excommunication which happened later that year. Despite its title, his famous document was not concerned with freedom as we today would understand it –it no prototype for a United Nations declaration on religious liberty. On the contrary, it is a set of affirmations on what the Church ought to say and believe. It rests on a whole range of ideas – still at that stage being worked out – concerning man, his free will, God’s plans, salvation, punishment, how we obtain God’s mercy, and much more. ... Many Catholics see and admire the vibrant faith of Evangelicals. Henry VIII’s arrogance, lust and greed shaped history in his day, but we can shape the events of today and tomorrow.

A family visit to an exhibition: responsible parenting isn't an easy task.
Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat
A family visit to an exhibition: responsible parenting isn't an easy task. Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat. Alessandro Mendini, Drawings, 2006. O NON SONO UN ARCHITETTO, SONO UN DRAGO; LE RIEN

Alessandro Mendini, Drawings, 2006
testa de designer
mani da artigiano
corpo di architetto
petto da manager
pancia da prete
gambe da grafico
piedi da artista
coda da poeta
designer's head
craftsman's hands
architect's body
manager's chest
priest's belly
graphic artist's legs
artist's feet
poet's tail