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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
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Sex and Sexual Health Promotion

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Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance
United States, 2009
Danice K. et al, Division of Adolescent and School Health,
National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
monitors six categories of priority health-risk behaviors,
among them sexual behaviors that contribute to
unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
 including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.

Epidemiological Evidence of Widespread Rapes of Children the United States, 1991 - 2009, by sex and race/ethnicity

Epidemiological Evidence of Widespread Rapes of Children
in the United States, 1991 - 2009
by sex and race/ethnicity

Percentage of high school students
who had sexual intercourse for the first time

before age of 13 years
were robbed
of their virginity

Source of Numerical Data:

Lack of shame leads to promiscuity.

Ephesians 4:19
Since they no longer have any sense of shame, they have become promiscuous. 
They practice every kind of sexual perversion with a constant desire for more.
Ephesios 4:19
qui desperantes semet ipsos tradiderunt inpudicitiae in operationem inmunditiae omnis in avaritia
 الذين - إذا هم قد فقدوا الحس -
أسلموا نفوسهم للدعارة ليعملوا كل نجاسة في الطمع

Virginal shame - an effective barrier against sexual exploitation


Sigmund Freud claimed that a person's life is conditioned by two major forces: self-preservation instincts, by means of which people preserve their own existence, and sexual instincts, by means of which they ensure the survival of the species: "I have proposed that two groups of such primal instincts should be distinguished: the ego, or self-preservative, instincts and the sexual instincts."

Freud S.. Instincts and their vicissitudes  (1915)

Recent studies on human sexuality have highlighted that sexual aspects are of major importance in building up personal identity and in the social evolution of individuals: "Human sexuality is not simply imposed by instinct or stereotypical conducts, as it happens in animals, but it is influenced both by superior mental activity and by social, cultural, educational and normative characteristics of those places where the subjects grow up and their personality develops. Consequently, the analysis of sexual sphere must be based on the convergence of several lines of development such as affectivity, emotions and relations."

Boccadoro L., Carulli S., (2008) Il posto dell'amore negato. Sessualità e psicopatologie segrete (The place of the denied love. Sexuality and secret psychopathologies - Abstract). Tecnoprint Editrice, Ancona. ISBN 978-88-95554-03-7