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Hymen=Virgin Membrane
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Sex and Sexual Health Promotion

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Control of Sexuality, Page 23. 
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The three dams strategy of control of sexuality
Rivers of life before junction.
Innocence (what is sex?)
Purity (no sex)
Prudence (no direct contact sex)
Virginity (no penis -  in -  vagina sex).

 Rivers of life before junction. Innocence (what is sex?), Purity (no sex), Prudence (no direct contact sex), Virginity (no penis - in - vagina sex).

Innocent man


No sex awareness.

Parents and guardians should extend this stage of human development to an as late age as possible, at best to puberty .

Innocence can be lost before puberty by exploring the world, particularly the forbidden areas of it. To minimize disastrous outcomes of too early sexualization of children, parents and guardians should keep a friendly and loving  family approach to the risk, as well as two clearly set rules (1) ‘no dirty touch’ and (2) ‘naked body privacy’, and consequently,  more calm than exaggerated disapproval of breaking the rules.

Spontaneous discoveries including playing doctor among peers or pleasant sensations resulting from self-stimulation must be clearly distinguished from the outcomes of the intentional sluttification of the young.  The last ones are preventable by means of  moral  (religion based), and legal (universal human rights based) measures.

Premature preoccupation with sexuality distracts the child from his or her normal developmental efforts and step by step  blocks all paths of creativity except of the sex related ones.  Parents’ and guardians’ responsibility may be dulled by insane pseudoscientific hoaxes, intense campaigns of sex obsessed sluttifiers, and anti democratic governments actions openly violating human rights.

Innocence ends in quest for sexual pleasure.
Imprinting mechanisms can be responsible for ruined lives and ruined lives of victims of those who lost their innocence prematurely.
male innocence

Innocent man

I don’t know what sex is. And I don’t want to know it until marriage. There are far more important issues to deal with than sex. Involuntary reactions of my body prove I am healthy and fit, but sexual urges which I experience I sublimate successfully into my achievements in many fields of creativity. This is why my curriculum vitae is impressive and competitive. All of my many friends accept my lifestyle, otherwise they wouldn’t deserve my friendship. I haven’t been abused so I’m still a virgin, and will preserve my virginity until marriage.