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A Virgin
Depiction of Virginity
Virginity and Society
Virgin Wars
Control of Sexuality
My judgement of reasons why have sex (MJYSEX) Questionnaire
Virginity Myths and Facts
Virginity and Personal Health
Menstrual Cycle
Genital Self Examination
Virginity Testing
Virginal breast hypertrophy
Kegel exercises
Medical Certificate
prior to Marriage
Virgins Profitable Skills
Virginity Art & Fashion
Miss/Mister Virginity World Contest
Social Networking

Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
Where is the Hymen?
What is the Hymen for?
Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
Hymen Related Organs
Diseases of the Hymen
Hymen Hygiene
Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
Hymen and Sports, Ballet
Hymen and Horse Riding
Hymen and Cycling
Hymen and Sex
Hymen and Self- Pleasure
Hymen and Masturbation
Hymen and Wedding
Hymen and Husband
Hymen Self Examination
Hymen and Virginity
Value of an Intact Hymen
Virginity Testing
Hymen and Medicine
Hymen and Religion
Hymen and Law

Virgin until Marriage
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Sex and Sexual Health Promotion

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The three dams strategy of control of sexuality
Rivers of life before junction.
Innocence (what is sex?)
Purity (no sex)
Prudence (no direct contact sex)
Virginity (no penis -  in -  vagina sex).

 Rivers of life before junction. Innocence (what is sex?), Purity (no sex), Prudence (no direct contact sex), Virginity (no penis - in - vagina sex).

pure woman
No sex

Purity ends in persistent sinful surrender to sexual temptations. A person can become pure again after having shifted to independence from transient indulgence in sexual activity, solo or partnered, moderate or excessive.  A victim of sexual abuse, even the one who is systematically raped and occasionally experiences an orgasm, still remains pure. Purity is an issue of free choice.

'Everyone is struggling with the weakness of the flesh'

'Three temptations - the body hunger, desire for fame, the desire for wealth. It would seem that the first temptation is the lightest, the next more difficult. Meanwhile, not everyone wants to be famous, not everyone wants to rule, have a VCR and Volvo, but everyone struggles with weakness of the flesh.' Father Jan Twardowski (1915 - 2006) "Everywhere was full of you" p. 26.

Confessing our weaknesses makes us strong.
female purity
Pure woman
I realize the power of sex, both constructive and destructive. I have been raised by loving, caring and supportive family and taught  how to resist temptations. Sexual urges which I experience prove I am ready for marriage, but before the wedding night comes I will do my best not to surrender to them, as I strongly believe in moral, psychological and physical integrity of each human person. All of my many friends accept my lifestyle, otherwise they wouldn’t deserve my friendship. Neither consciously nor, to my best knowledge and belief, unconsciously, I have been forced to have sexual intercourse so I’m still a virgin, and will preserve my virginity until marriage.