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Miss  Virginity  World Contest

Mister Virginity  World Contest

Miss / Mister Virginity World Contest, Page 3.
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Titilayo Amudat Odekeye Miss Virginity Nigeria 2009 at Nigerian Virgin Girls Association founded by Princess Adunni Adediran
Nigerian Miss Virginity 2009
Titilayo Amudat Odekeye, age 23

"Three years ago, Princess Adunni Adediran launched her campaign to help Nigerian girls keep their virginity and avoid unwanted pregnancies, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, barrenness and broken homes. Above all, she wanted them to be chaste, protect their virginity for their husbands, to honour and give them respect."
According to her: "Women and innocent girls are always on the receiving end.The girls are lured into prostitution, put in the family way and made barren as a result of infection or induced dangerous abortion that could affect their future; while during the burial of the men or the so called husband the wife would be surprised when the children her husband had out of wedlock come to attend the burial service. We have seen many."
Giving reasons why young girls should keep their virginity, the princess said "charity begins at home, my daughter who is now a practising lawyer is still a virgin. I have to practise what I preach and I am proud that our girls are beginning to understand what we are saying ‘’.
Truth in Defence of Freedom

Other Inspiring and Good Quotes by Princess Adunni Adediran

“We started this in order to reduce promiscuity...and all of the vices that send our children to early graves such as abortion, sex before marriage that cause diseases of all sorts and insanity that could be brought about by disappointment.” 
“If a boyfriend disappoints you by jilting you after deflowering you, and this same boyfriend goes ahead to marry another person, insanity may result.”
“Civilisation is actually bringing us our doom. Also poverty could be a reason why we are no longer interested in keeping our tradition of virginity.

Nigerian Association Of Virgin Girls
- Keeping Our Virginity

Nadia Gori Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2010-201 revealed she is still a virgin and blasted sugar daddies
Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2010 - 2011
Nadia Gori, age 20

Newly crowned Miss Tourism Bulawayo has taken an open swipe at 'sugar daddies' who target models and young girls. Speaking to reporters this week, the 20-year-old beauty queen has vowed to enlighten young girls on the dangers of HIV and Aids and the risk of getting into relationships with 'sugar daddies' during her reign.

"Young girls must not be enticed by these old men with money. "They must learn to have self-respect and value their bodies," she said. "These sugar daddies, give you money — and the virus (HIV)," she added. She also revealed that she was still a virgin.

This is despite some sordid rumours that she had in fact slept with her cousin. Nadia said that she has more than a decade of experience in modelling, having won more than three titles before. This was however her third attempt at the prestigious Miss Tourism Bulawayo crown and it seems her perseverance has finally paid. Nadia, who has a short stature not often fancied by models, said she would not be deterred by her height.

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