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Female genital enhancers, naturally enhance conjugal satisfaction
Female genital enhancers: finger-like projections, aka hirsuties papillaris genitalis vestibuli vaginae seen through a hymenoscope, 5x magnification a normal anatomic variant, no need to remove, as possibly they will enhance the sexual pleasure of the future husband
Female genital enhancers: finger-like projections, aka hirsuties papillaris genitalis vestibuli vaginae seen through a hymenoscope, 5x magnification; a normal anatomic variant, no need to remove, as possibly they will enhance the sexual pleasure of the future husband. According to dr Halat's proposal these natural projections should be known as female genital enhancers and not termed in bad Latin names calling for differential diagnosis with sexually transmitted HPV diseases.

Vestibular papillomatosis aka hirsuties papillaris vulvae, a normal anatomic variant.
in the time period between menarche and menopause frequencies of occurrence differ considerably from 1% to more than 50% due to variety of interrelated genetic and environmental factors influencing the reproductive system development.Vestibular papillomatosis is NOT a disease. Diseases of the hymen


Hirsuties papillaris penis and hirsuties papillaris vulvae can be misinterpreted or even medically misdiagnosed as the most easily recognized sign of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection called condylomata, genital warts, venereal warts, verrucae acuminatae.
Innocent, pure and prudent virgins are not suspected of being infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Those who are not prudent virgins or are ex-virgins, as well as their spouses, should realize that even one only and not recent direct contact sexual exposure is enough to acquire an STI, first of all the HPV infection which is the most common STI causing asymptomatic or symptomatic genital, anal and oral warts and cancers.

How to tell difference between genital hirsuties and genital warts?

Soak a piece of fabric, gauze or paper towel in edible white vinegar in which the concentration of acetic acid should be 4% - 6% and apply the moistened pad for 5 minutes on protruding bumps of the corona of glans penis or the vaginal vestibule. Genital hirsuties will NOT turn white, although the vaginal vestibule mucosa may turn whitish. Pain or burning due to any abrasions in the tested area or too high concentration of acetic acid make the test impossible.
More on female genital enhancers.
In the mid-1970s, soon after graduating from medical faculty I saw my first patient with numerous finger-like projections on the inner aspects of her labia minora. She was a 21 years old student, a virgin with intact septate hymen, and denied any vestibular intercourse (penile friction against the vaginal vestibule without breaking the hymen and inserting penis into vagina, known as brushing) which I doubted because in that time I had only one diagnosis for her: sexually transmitted genital warts. The treatment available and recommended was curettage, i.e. surgical scraping with the curette, a sharp scoop-shaped instrument under local anesthesia. The young lady was shocked by the diagniosis and not less than her unexperienced doctor horrified by the bloody and painful treatment performed. Unfortunatelly for her and many other patients, not before November 1981 appeared a breaktrough article "Pseudokondylome der vulva" authored by P Altmeyer et al. and published in "Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde" Vol. 41, No. 11, p. 783-786 (in German). The authors described 'the verruciform structures': 'condylomata acuminata-like lesions', 'pseudocondylomas' of the vulva of two Turkish sisters (22 and 20 years old) and a Yugoslavian (34 yo) and interpreted them as 'atavistic malformation without functional significance'. This was good news for those patients who were lucky enough to be seen by a doctor who happened to had read the article. They were spared from unnecesary suffering during and after curettage, as well as many other methods including extremely risky topical application of podophilin. Alas, this is not the end of problems menacing girls and women with genital finger-like projections. Nowadays, for many reasons they become subjected to the intense differential diagnosis for human papillomavirus infection (HPV). The name of the normal anatomical variant itself is suggestive of its infectious viral etiology: 'verruciform', i.e. 'wart-like', 'microwarts', 'condylomata acuminata- like', 'pseudocondyloma', 'papillomatosis', 'micropapillomatosis'. 'papillaris', 'papillomas', even if proposed being physiological by the Dutch 'fysiologische papillomatosis' (Helmerhorst TJM in: Vulvapathologie, 2007) still has strong connotations to HPV, of which pandemic spreading the world owes to president Clinton and the US poo culture. Oral sex adds more oral, pharyngeal, anal and cervical cancer victims to the tsunami of promiscuity-related deaths, and this is why even virgins are suspected of being infected with deadly strains of HPV. No wonder that genital finger-like projections dubbed as 'papillomatosis' cause concern among medical practioners and provoke unnecessary diagnostic decisions. These decisions are no needed only in those patients who are prudent virgins what denotes the ones who never had even one direct sexual contact. Even one direct sexual contact may end in HPV infection and its clinical signs like warts and condylomas present AMONG natural finger-like projections. For the sake of these girls and women who resisted sluttification and chose to be prudent virgins until marriage, the misleading medical nomenclature negatively linking physiological finger-like projections with HPV infection, should be changed to an optimistic term 'female genital enhancers', as possibly they will enhance the sexual pleasure of the future husband.

Nowadays as never before people of no medical education inspect their own genitals, as well as private parts of others. Designed vulvas become popular means of satisfying fetishistic obsessions and female genital mutilation (FMG) is becoming more prevalent in some lands of abundance
than in fiercely criticised African countries of the FMG Belt. Why amputate pieces of body which are designed the best way for all stages of life as the whole. Even chaste persons cannot resist temptations of genital cosmetic surgery as if they were porn-stars known to the world not by their faces but by their vulvas. Does it make any sense? Does it make any sense to scrape female genital enhancers off? The anwer 'no' saves money, spares from embarrassement, prevents medical abuse.
Medical terminology confusion.
Excessive growth of facial or body hair in women is called hirsutism. Hirsutism [ICD-10 L68.0] - hair growth on the face, trunk and limbs in girls and women (peaks in the 20s.)
For some, term 'hirsuties' equals to 'hirsutism', whilst hirsute, Latin: hirsutus, means hairy, shaggy.
"Hirsuties is an androgen-dependent differentiation and growth of hair in females in the same pattern and sequence as that which develops in the normal postpubertal male, but of less quantity and varying in severity.. Causes may include polycystic ovary syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, androgen-secreting tumors, Cushing's syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, and menopause." Dawber RP: Hirsuties, J Gend Specif Med. 2002 Sep-Oct;5(5):34-42.
Certainly, hirsuties papillaris penis and hirsuties papillaris vulvae have nothing in common with hirsutism [ICD-10 L68.0]. The finger-like genital bumps even do not look like hairs.
The normal anatomical variant quite often raises 'how to name it' problems which are typical as regards to genital details, but a girl or a woman seeking a consultation for her pearly PENILE papules sounds rather funny and not so funny at the same time taking into account her unnecessary worries which add in a plethora of real ailments linked to the female sex (like PMS, menstrual cramps and delays, vaginal discharge etc.).
The female reproductive system anatomy and physiology until now causes confusion among professionals, i. e. medical practitioners who should be familiar with science they earn their living from. As demonstrated above, it's not medical students and graduates to be blamed but the academia not setting reliable-research-based standards of knowledge. Good examples of terra incognita are tiny but of great importance two female organs: the hymen and the clitoris. About these two, many doctors and nurses still repeat prejudicial nonsenses and do a lot of harm to their patients.