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Sexting, masturbatory web cam sex and publishing homemade self-porn are by no means intimate, and by the medico-legal definition are classified as exhibitionism. Scientifically, exhibitionist denotes a sexual pervert whose sexual satisfaction is linked to the displaying of his or her genital parts. The Internet has brought unprecedented freedom of sexual expression and communication. What was before intimate. done in private, never witnessed by anybody, and shared with exceptionally special mutually loved someone only, nowadays has become a public property. An infatuated and / or just 'horny' young person sending her or his naked pics from mobile phone or masturbating to web cam for boyfriend or girlfriend, is becoming a real-time porn star globally, displaying freely her or his most private secrets to millions of creepy pervert voyers of the whole world. Deeply trusted boyfiends or girlfriends may prove unworthy to be trusted and / or become ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends and for fun, money, or revenge, willing to add received pics or videos to the Internet pornography resources. Doing something nasty in front of the lens is exactly like doing it in front of your family, friends, all people who know you now and in the future, possible and real employers, future spouse and own kids. Dare you go naked and masturbate in front of all of them? If you dare, it is a sign of insanity. See above what pervert exhibitionism is. By the way: it is not the Internet to be blamed for its misuse. The same is with books, some are Holy like the Bible and the Quran, some are devilish like Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and de Sade's nauseating writings.

Actually, even the most badly crushed on / infatuated child and adolescent girl or unmarried woman could remain a virgin, at best a prudent virgin, if she was well protected in her vulnerable years of life and later was aware of irreversible value of virginity and were not mislead by the anti-masturbatory myths mentioned above. While satisfying her sexual needs by any stimulation excluding direct sexual contact she should be simply left alone and never harassed by any comments or remarks regarding her normal sexual behaviour which in those who are not asexual, is an unavoidable substitution of pre-marital direct sexual contacts, including sexual intercourses. 

Anyone know a cure for infatuation? For insane crush? For infatuation?
.Does anyone know a cure for infatuation? For insane crush? For infatuation? Transmutation and solo masturbation.
Transmutation and solo masturbation.

Female masturbation unlimited?

As mentioned before, the female ability to get a quick and intense orgasm by simple stimulation of the clitoris has nothing to do with vaginal penetration. What is more, unlike male orgasming accompanied by ejaculation of semen [cuming aka cumming aka coming], female climaxing may last long, in a form of many peaks of orgasmic pleasure, status orgasmicus tops a high wave of arousal which "would never end", if not exhaustion and fatigue.

The phenomenon of female sexual insatiability in regards to MARRIED women was well known and eagerly discussed by Christian philosophers. St Jerome, also known as St Hieronymus (c. 347 -September 30, 420 AD, the second most voluminous ancient Christian writer after St. Augustine, a Doctor of the Church, of the Dalmatian - Slovene ethnicity, honoured for his translation of the Bible into Latin -- what is now called the Vulgate, possibly creator of the first Slavic alphabet, Glagolitic Hieronymian alphabet, i. e. Glagolitsa called "St. Jerome's script") in Adversus Jovinianum (Against Jovinianus. Book I.) wrote "..amor mulieris generaliter accusatur, qui semper insatiabilis est, qui exstinctus accenditur, et post copiam rursum inops est, animumque virilem effeminat, et excepta passione quam sustinet, aliud non sinit cogitare. [...but woman’s love in general is accused of ever being insatiable; put it out, it bursts into flame; give it plenty, it is again in need; it enervates a man’s mind, and engrosses all thought except for the passion which it feeds.]

Peter Abelard aka Petrus Abaelardus aka Abailardus aka Pierre Abélard aka Pierre Abaillard (1079 – 21 April 1142, famous for his legendary and tragic affection to Heloise) wrote in Carmen ad Astralabium (The Repentant Abelard, lines 191f): "Si non dormierit tecum, tristabitur uxor, Si contra, somnus turpia multa dabit" [If your wife doesn't sleep with you, she will be downcast, i.e low in spirits, depressed].

Nowadays we are aware of sexual dimorphism in humans, although the reliable science of anatomy and physiology relating to female orgasm is surprisingly new, perhaps due to the abundance of junk science heralded by Sigmund Freud and other sensationalists who fabricated and still do fabricate pervert ideas. It is enough to say that only recently the structure of the clitoris became known to a narrow group of professionals and how is it possible to know anything real about female orgasm without the 'secret knowledge' which the clitoral anatomy and physiology is? And why secrecy? Maybe the topic was too difficult for researchers. Too bold? Too obscene? Or, perhaps, too arousing to be dealt with indifference? Anyway, now we realize exactly how the clitoris works. The mere existence of clitoral legs and bulbs explains "misterious" phenomenons related to ability of getting intense orgasms through squeezing thighs or kegel exercising, in general keeping legs closed as rightly advised (with some exaggeration and highlighting sense of security only, which is very important but not a sole factor) elsewhere on the internet:
"If you just provide your vagina as the receptacle for the penis during sexual intercourse, you will never get an orgasm.
Almost all women only put their hopes to get orgasm on the puncture into the vagina by men, even lesbians also use the vibrator to pleasure each other. What a pity. The puncture by penis or vibrator can't even give a woman an orgasm at all.
This is the biggest mistake that cause women can't get orgasm easily. If you pay all your attention only on puncture into your vagina, you will never get an orgasm in your whole life. When you provide your vagina as the receptacle for the penis or vibrator, you should open your legs, but the key is that this mode is not conducive to getting orgasm for a woman. If you are opened by something or someone, you do not have enough sense of security and your attention is loose and you can't focus all your attention on one point, of course you don't have a focus to use your body's strength, the consequence is women can't get the orgasm at all.
All women, if you want a real orgasm, you should start to close your legs first.

From the Second Millenium we know also that: "Natural rewards preferentially stimulate dopamine transmission in the nucleus accumbens shell" Di Chiara G: 'Drug addiction as dopamine-dependent associative learning disorder', Eur J Pharmacol. 1999 Jun 30;375(1-3):13-30. and that this is satisfactory levels of dopamine and other brain chemicals which are sought consciously and even more often subconsciously by people who indulge themselves in sexual activities (masturbation, intercourse, prolonged stages of sexual arousal due to viewing pornography or any other means of sexual stimulation). Similar satisfactory levels of dopamine and other brain chemicals can be achieved through psychoactive substance abuse, first of all illegal drugs abuse, aggressive and autoaggressive behaviour, including gambling and other forms of excessive risk taking. Luckily, there are also less problematic and dangerous ways of achieving satisfactory levels of dopamine and other brain chemicals, like e.g. physical exercise, religious, artistic and scientific devotion, as well as indulging in gluttony, shopping or surfing in the Internet, the last being in fact just indulging in curiosity. While exceptionally dramatic manifestation of sexual arousal and climax are linked to flooding the brain with sexuality-induced chemicals, which can be called as own made i.e. intrinsic addictive substances, their amounts demanded are steadily increasing, like in the case of illegal drugs - extrinsic addictive substance. What is more, the related brain structures - nucleus accumbens shell, amygdala etc. may become hypertrophic and the morphological changes will not disappear so soon as any solely functional ones. Therefore hypersexuality which medically is more possible in females should be cultivated within marriage only to support integrity of the family. Otherwise hypersexual girls and women with overgrowth of sex-related brain structures and with never satisfactory level of brain chemicals, not only become an easy prey to sex predators, but act as sex predators themselves. Their situation is much worse though. The bodily risks of female promiscuity are far more serious and prevalent than the ones of straight males, and as such include unwanted pregnancies and their deadly outcomes in abortions, complications and side effects of contraception, as well as extremely high susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections and invasions, many of them incurable, like HIV/AIDS, emerging multiresistant gonorrhoea, HPV infections etc. Perhaps, fear of premarital and extra-marital hypersexuality backs myths restricting female solo masturbation which may be induced or just self-discovered and simply unpreventable. Certainly, even repeated night-long masturbatory sessions do not predict promiscuous fornication, particularly in prudent virgins. They rather call for a happy marriage to be entered as soon as possible.