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Removing the genital sebum from under the clitoral hood and from the intralabial sulci (the grooves between the labia majora and the labia minora) with soaps or lotions which usually contain variety of noxious ingredients (i. e. TRIETHANOLAMINE, SODIUM LAUROYL SARCOSINATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL see here Hymen Hygiene) is a harmful pseudo-hygienic procedure of inviting troubles. Certainly, a proper hygienic measure is necessary and unavoidable because decomposing genital sebum may form kernels of smegma, and if not removed in time, mixed with other vulvar secretions and urine, may produce a sickening smell and what is much worse, become the most important cause of clitoral irritation, reported by patients as clitoral itch, raw soreness, hurting pain, etc.

From irritation to medically diagnosed inflammation the road is long for the unwise only. Aulus Cornelius Celsus, a Roman encyclopedist and possibly a practicing physician (30 BC – 38 AD) in De Medicina, the best surviving treatise on Alexandrian medicine, described four typical signs of inflammation: Dolor (pain), Calor (heat), Rubor (redness), and Tumor (swelling). Galen of Pergamon, also known as Aelius Galenus or Claudius Galenus (129 AD - 200 AD), a prominent Roman (of Greek ethnicity) physician, surgeon and philosopher, added Functio laesa (loss of function). The acronym that may be used for inflammation is "PRISH" for Pain, Redness, Immobility (loss of function), Swelling and Heat.

If kernels od smegma are not removed and inflammation under the clitoral hood continues, the loss of function of clitoral foreskin becomes permanent while adhesions to clitoral head are formed and immobilize it. The intended sliding of the hood back and forth across the head of the clitoris becomes difficult or even impossible until surgery helps it, although not always sucessfully.

The safest hygienic and genuinely prophylactic measure is to remove smegma with clean water free of harmful contaminants (see here: WATER INSTITUTE) and just wash out any kernels retained or massage them out. In some stubborn cases a simple mechanical removal will be of help.

The above mentioned two most important functions of the clitoral prepuce indicate a proper timing of removing clitoral sebum: after and not before an intended stimulation of the clitoris.

The clitoral sebum as the most perfect grease, efficient and safe natural substance, is characterized by proper to its physiological function viscosity (including changes of viscosity – thixotropy). Watery lubricants or petroleum jellies such as Vaseline cannot replace the clitoral sebum in any of its function and may be even harmful.

In widespread cases of retained smegma kernels, smegmaliths, insufficient amount of self-produced clitoral sebum which if produced enough should naturally compensate phymosis or redudancy of the clitoral hood and also should become a natural remedy for most common adhesions that occur in prepubertal stage of development while their immobilizing role becomes pathological in later age, the olive oil becomes a reasonable substitute for own scarce clitoral sebum.

Has your clitoris been not alive, numb or simply dead? 

Keep your clit alive! Olive your C.

How much olive oil is needed to olive your C?

The average clitoral glans surface to be greased is ca 10 - 20 squ. millimeters (0.15 - 0.3 squ. inches), merely 1/800,000 to 1/1,600,000 part of the body surface total area of an adult woman, and 5 to 20 drops of olive oil plus amurca squezed from one olive fruit will be more than enough to grease the clitoris. NB. Between puberty and the early thirties the average non-erect clitoral head increases fourfold in size and it has nothing to do with frequent sexual arousal or masturbation. Enormously large clitoral glans (clitoromegaly, macroclitoris) may be a congenital anomaly [ICD 10 - Q52.6 Congenital malformation of clitoris], and should be at birth detected and subsequently managed most often as a hallmark feature of complex inborn syndromes, or if acquired, clitoromegaly may be one of many signs of hormonal disorders caused by diseases of the ovary (e. g. polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS [ICD 10 - E28.2 Polycystic ovarian syndrome] affecting 1 in 10 - 20 postpubertal to menopausal females) or other reasons of androgenization: ovarian, adrenal, or pharmacologically evoked as one of numerous types of genital mutilation. Systemic and local tumors, clitoral cysts have to be taken into account in the differential diagnosis.

The exceptionally dense innervation of the clitoris and the clitoral prepuce, while designed exclusively to be properly stimulated in order to supply the female organism with satisfactory level of the brain chemicals, can create very serious medical problems if stimulation is abusive and causes irritation, lacerations, wounds, scars, or infections (e.g. HPV - genital warts transmitted from oral warts or finger warts, herpes transmitted from mouth, fingers, the same with syphilis and many other sexually transmitted infections, sometimes symptomatic). Certainly, washing hands and brushing teeth will not be of any help to lower the risk of infection. If a condom is in use, it partially isolates only this what it covers. All other body areas, particularly the genital, including this part of the shaft of the penis which is not covered wih condom and the mons pubis, specially if shaved, as well as the groins, the inner thighs, may be a source of clitoral infection when they come to direct contact with clitoris or clitoral hood.

(to be continued)

Format for References:

Halat Z., "The olive oil remedy on hand: : OLIVE YOUR C", Acta Virginologica, 2012, Volume 3, Issue2, pages; 11 - 26, Acta Virginologica, Journal of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Virginity 

OLIVE YOUR C: prevent and cure nasty problems using virgin olive oil obtained from hand squeezed fresh olives easily, discreetely, and conveniently accessible and actually free for many in need,or bought from ethical sellers of certified products.
prevent and cure nasty problems using virgin olive oil obtained from hand squeezed fresh olives easily, discreetely, and conveniently accessible and actually free for many in need, or bought from ethical sellers of certified products.  

Bitter, white juice strenuously squeezed out from green fresh olives soon turns dark after exposure to air while its organic compounds get oxidised, and similarly to water containing more than 50 ppb of inorganic manganese, such juice causes stains.  Some people, particularly  from the outside of the olive trees blessed regions, do not realize that other than some kinds of black fully ripen on the tree (μαύρες ελιές, old Greek δρύππα, Latin druppa, drupa) fresh olives must be crushed and cured in water for several weeks, if not several months. Anyway, stains caused by the manganese water or olive oil homemade or bought from from ethical sellers of certified products may be removed.  How to Remove Olive Oil Stain From Fabric, Clothes, Non-Washable Clothes, Pants, etc see here.  Too messy? Certainly  it is.  But please read the above text again, then Diseases of the Hymen (here) and Prenuptial Medical Certificate - Medical Certificate prior to Marriage  (here)  and find out what is more messy than removing the stains.