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A handful of dr Halat's general comments to questions frequently asked
by patients from almost all countries of the world.

When a person of male sex can't control his sexuality and feels like masturbating, he does it without too much deliberation. In fact, he never saw any hair on the palm of somebody's hand, and this is why he can easily consider nonsenses all health risks concocted to keep masturbation at bay.
When a person of females sex can't control her sexuality and feels like masturbating, she has to overcome numerous fears imposed onto her by her female relatives and other people entrusted in intimate matters. These fears are intended first of all to prevent deadly outcomes of victimizing girls and not-yet-married women and spare them from the evil of premarital devirginization, venereal diseases, pregnancies outside of marriage, promiscuity, impaired assertiveness, lack of self-control and other sequelae of oversexualisation which easily leads to sluttification. In spite of being used in good intentions, fake masturbatory threats  rarely discourage masturbation, and through adding more stress to already stressful life rather increase frequency of sexual self-pleasing.

Unfortunately, the complicated female anatomy and physiology, if not well understood can become a powerful source of worries relating to present  and future health status.  A person who has been threatened with anti-masturbatory myths, and has developed some sense of guilt for breaking the rules imposed on her,  finds herself in despair when masturbation and orgasm if achieved, precede signs and symptoms of REGULAR female functioning, like delayed period, irregular periods, spotting, bleeding caused by orgasmic uterine and vaginal contractions ejecting remnant menstrual blood (see: 
Menstrual Cycle), painful orgasmic cramps of the retroverted uterus (see above), etc.

For those who care about the hymen, the unsubstantiated worries about hymenal wholeness during NON-PENETRATIVE masturbation can become obsessive and cause significant stress influencing a person's psychological well-being.  A common source of these worries are  myths intended to prevent masturbation under false pretences that the hymen could be spoiled because of rubbing clitoris, humping pillow, riding bolster, squeezing thighs,  double-crossing legs, and other forms of clitoral stimulation without inserting anything up the vagina. Even the wet dream orgasms are blamed for breaking hymens...

The following frequently asked questions and many other ones which come from all over the world prove the demand for frank and unbiased medical information which is within easy reach via the internet. Enjoy being a privileged user of the most democratic tool of communication never seen before, and do not forget to share your knowledge with less privileged peers of yours.

Finally, I am feeling obliged to mothers, aunts, big sisters and all family members, also male ones, who recommend visiting relevant web pages to those in need.  Thank you for your wise attitude towards your loved ones.

dr Halat, noxologist



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