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Control of Sexuality, Page 15. 
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From Latin: con-, with + cupi, cupid - desire (usually sexual) + -escere - suffix denoting beginning of a process or state)

In its widest acceptation, concupiscence is any yearning of the soul for good;

In its strict and specific acceptation, a desire of the lower appetite contrary to reason.
Desires contrary to the real good and order of reason may, and often do, rise in it, previous to the attention of the mind,
and once risen, dispose the bodily organs to the pursuit and solicit the will to consent,
while they more or less hinder reason from considering their lawfulness or unlawfulness
.This is concupiscence in its strict and specific sense.

The opposition between appetite and reason is natural in man.
Temptations to sin, becoming the stronger and the more frequent the oftener they have been indulged.
 As thus far considered they are only sinful objects and antecedent causes of sinful transgressions;
 they contract the malice of sin only when consent is given by the will; not as though their nature were changed,
but because they are adopted and completed by the will and so share its malice.
Hence the distinction of concupiscence antecedent and concupiscence consequent to the consent of the will;
the latter is sinful, the former is not.

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Reason # 1
Be yourself, know your rights and don’t let God deniers transform you into a piece of flesh

Unreasonable (sexual) appetite - concupiscence if resisted  must NOT necessarily bear bitter fruits of disastrous lust, inordinate desire, illicit desire (ἐπιθυμία, شهوة shahwa [ cf. The Canon of Medicine by Avicenna -  پور سينا Pur Sina,   ابن سينا  Ibn Sina ]. 
ΟΕΔ (ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι - what was required to be proved).
Continence problems, the exercise of self constraint in sexual matters, until marriage, temporarily, humans errant, compulsive and illicit fantasies, separated temporarily, urges unbearable, lesser evil prudent masturbation than pervert fornication premarital extramarital sexual intercourse
Continence problems are common
and affect people of all ages
- the trait of practicing self discipline
- discipline in personal and social activitie
- the exercise of self constraint in sexual matters

Single people must practice continence until marriage, married people have to practice temporary continence; but we humans are errant.
Not married yet? Having compulsive and illicit fantasies? Married but separated temporarily?
The spouse is not able or not willing? and your strong urges become unbearable?

Find a lesser evil: prudent masturbation lesser evil than pervert fornication

Fornication: sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other:
(a) premarital sexual intercourse (b);  extramarital sexual intercourse i e. sexual intercourse
between two people who are partners in fornication, also known as fornicators or adultereres
not spouses (i. e. husband and wife) but only sexual partners, euphemically called 'intimate partners', although their intimacy is often shared with other partners (often many). 'Partners' for short (like game or business partners) legally known as living in concubinate, therefore 'concubine/concubent' [Latin: concubare, in English: to lie with, to have sexual intercourse with]  or 'casual partners': one-stand or even anonymous (the worst transmitters of venereal diseases). Calling the cohabitating on not cohabitating sexual partner 'boyfriend /girlfriend' replaces obsolete word 'lover' which should rather be replaced by 'love-maker''; parallely 'dating' by 'having direct sexual contacts'.

A beacon of hope. Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat
A beacon of hope. Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat