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Abastenia St Leger Eberle Pimping Girl Child 1913
Pimping Girl Child (historically known as 'White Slave')
A plaster statuette by Abastenia St Leger Eberle, 1913.

Its photograph appeared on the May 3, 1913 cover of 'The Survey Journal'. The child in the statue represents child prostitution. The positioning of the barely pubescent girl, in full undress, in the middle of her “auction” for sexual servitude, with her hands held behind her back graphically illustrates her bondage. The man who holds her is shouting out, perhaps her price and her age. St Leger Eberle produced many pieces as a form of social protest against child prostitution. She was especially focused on children of the Lower East Side of New York City when that part of the city was full of immigrants and of resulting social problems. With the eye of a photojournalist and without sentimentality, she recorded the lives of these people including the plight of immigrant females.

(info compiled from the following sources: AskART and Girl for Sale )

More about Abastenia St Leger Eberle, in Notable american women: a biographical dictionary, ET. James, JWJames, PS Boyer, 1974:
<Inspired by the writings of Jane Adams, she became convinced that the artist “has no right to work as an individualist without responsibility to others. He is the specialized eye of society... The artist must see for the people – reveal them to themselves and to each other” (Survey, May 3, 1913). Her most outspoken work in this vein was “The White Slave”, which depicts a naked young American girl, hands bound behind her, being auctioned off by a lecherous old man. A reflection of current concern over organized prostitution, as voiced the same year in Elizabeth Robin's novel 'My Little Sister', “The White Slave” was exhibited at the famous Armory Show in New York in 1913.>

<(...) Young girls are bought and sold daily for sex in San Diego County. Some are forced into the life. Others are coerced. (...) ...a University of Pennsylvania study reveals up to 300,000 children in the United States are at risk of becoming forced sex workers. [San Diego Police Detective James] Hunter said pimps recruit online, at schools, malls and bus stands. Many of the girls are foster kids, runaways, and even disabled. “They are just broken souls," Hunter said.Pimps exploit that vulnerability.“They’ll bring a girl in," Hunter said. "They will manipulate her. They will break her down completely and then they will build her back up the way they want her to be.”(...) “You have entrepreneurs that are saying 'wow, I can make $300,000 per girl, per year tax-free.' And in a stable you’ll have anywhere from four to 10 girls. And you do the math, they’re making money. The girls are reusable everyday. They’re just a product to these guys.” A product that must be branded. Lisa’s pimp ordered her to get a tattoo of his name on the inside of her bottom lip. “When I’m not focused on him, his goals, he would always say,`look in the mirror and see whose name is that.'“
The health risks to these girls are also profound according to San Diego Deputy District Attorney Gretchen Means. “We deal with horrible stories of girls ages 11, 12, 13 years old who have STDs that are so bad, they cannot walk and they have to have hysterectomies.” (...)> full text: Pimps Recruiting Underage Girls In San Diego Through Force And Coercion

Broken Souls. Teen Sex Trafficking A Booming Business

Internet, Too Few Services Make Child Sex Trafficking Tough to Combat

Federal Agency Human Trafficking Websites
U.S. Government Entities Combating Human Trafficking
Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section
Office Of Justice Programs
Bureau Of Justice Assistance
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)




Jerry Sandusky Rumored to Have Been 'Pimping Out Young Boys to Rich Donors,' Says Mark Madden

Mandatory reporting: Wisconsin makes changes to child abuse reporting laws
by Barry W. Szymanski S.C., Milwaukee

Putting an end to child sex trafficking

The  'pimping' of our children
by The Liverpool branch of the British National Party

Asian sex gangs are pimping white girls…
but police and social services keep quiet for fear of being branded racist

Prevention of child abduction

Border barrier and exit barrier
Bundespolizei HQ

אם אין שוק ואין גישה לשוק, אין סחר, או לפחות הוא מצטמצם בצורה דרמטית.
דברי ראש הממשלה נתניהו בטקס הענקת פרס נשיא המדינה נגד הסחר בבני אדם, דצמבר 2010
"If there is no market and no market access, there is no trade, or at least it is reduced dramatically."
Address by PM Netanyahu at the President Award against human trafficking, December 2010 (the complete text)

Attack on virginity until marriage is a market maker of human trafficking and sex slavery התקפה על הבתולים עד הנישואים הוא עושה שוק של סחר בבני אדם ועבדות מין
התקפה על הבתולים עד הנישואים הוא עושה שוק של סחר בבני אדם ועבדות מין.
Attack on virginity until marriage is a market maker of human trafficking and sex slavery