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A Virgin
Depiction of Virginity
Virginity and Society
Virgin Wars
Control of Sexuality
My judgement of reasons why have sex (MJYSEX) Questionnaire
Virginity Myths and Facts
Virginity and Personal Health
Menstrual Cycle
Genital Self Examination
Virginity Testing
Virginal breast hypertrophy
Kegel exercises
Medical Certificate
prior to Marriage
Virgins Profitable Skills
Virginity Art & Fashion
Miss/Mister Virginity World Contest
Social Networking

Hymen=Virgin Membrane
What is the Hymen?
Where is the Hymen?
What is the Hymen for?
Structure of the Hymen
Development of the Hymen
Types of the Hymen
Hymen Related Organs
Diseases of the Hymen
Hymen Hygiene
Hymen and Period
Hymen and Tampons
Hymen and Sports, Ballet
Hymen and Horse Riding
Hymen and Cycling
Hymen and Sex
Hymen and Self- Pleasure
Hymen and Masturbation
Hymen and Wedding
Hymen and Husband
Hymen Self Examination
Hymen and Virginity
Value of an Intact Hymen
Virginity Testing
Hymen and Medicine
Hymen and Religion
Hymen and Law

Virgin until Marriage
@ virginology.org

Sex and Sexual Health Promotion

Extra Virgin Olive Oil C h extra-virgin-olive-oil-c.eu
Extra Virgin Olive Oil C

Love Wroclaw iconic views, Wroclaw read VrotsLove, Poland, world virginity until marriage capital created by the Catholic Culture of the European Civilization
Fine Art Photography 
by Zbigniew Halat

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World Virgins until Marriage
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Dehumanization by coercion and Pavlovian conditioning.
Dehumanization by coercion

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Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predators
Sexual abuse by women of children and teens is a subject most parents and caregivers are not familiar with. Female sexual predators go unreported because of a lack of awareness by the public.
Canadian Children's Rights Council - Conseil canadien des droits des enfants

الوقوف ضد ثقافة الموت !وقف التجريد من الإنسانية
!الوقوف ضد ثقافة الموت Stand against the culture of death! !وقف التجريد من الإنسانية Stop dehumanization!
Stand against the culture of death! Stop dehumanization!

dehumanized dehumanizator Sick Pig Raunch
Sick Pig Raunch
obscenic ehibitionist / voyer who violates public order and others' rights to modesty, privacy, and intimacy
dehumanized dehumanizator Paedo Hyena Obia
Paedo Hyena Obia
paedophile who rapes minors and/or ephebophile who ruins lives of mid-to-late adolescents, other not-yet-married 
dehumanized dehumanizator Horny Chimp Bonobo
Horny Chimp Bonobo
one-track minded sex fanatic
ever ready to talk sex and perform sexual
activities with anyone, anytime
, anywhere
dehumanized dehumanizator Sly Fox Reynard
Sly Fox Reynard
cunninig cheater who deprives others of preconditions for normal level of human sexuality through fraud, swindle, trickery
dehumanized dehumanizator Alpha Bull Minotaur
Alpha Bull Minotaur

ruthless self-proclaimed master of sex slaves who exploits them by means of abduction, deprivation of liberty, abuse of power, abuse of a state of dependence in a variety of settings (workplace, school, army, organization, hospital, neighbourhood, family etc.)