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Sex and Sexual Health Promotion

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Values form soul and flesh


Values form soul and flesh.

 Here you may get an expert advice from medical doctor, medical practitioner,  medical epidemiology consultant, noxologist, on physical and psychological aspects of virginity.

As regards the values forming soul and flesh, please consult your priest or imam, your family member, or any other person of strong opinions you can trust with all your secrets and you don’t risk being rejected or exploited. You are not alone! Find information on the internet to see how many people globally share exactly the same challenge you have. They share your challenges and they get contradictory advice. Much of the advice does not fit to your ideals, beliefs and ethics, much is just full of rudeness, contempt, trickery and other forms of dignity violation. Finally you would like to discuss your challenges in a supportive group of peers. This is what Virgins until Marriage - Civil Society Organization of  the African Union and the European Union is created for.

Reason # 12
Be supported, know how to find a helping hand

The integrative medicine point of view on health and disease:

for many reasons virginity like no other human health phenomenon illustrates a common sense  perception that public health is just a sum of personal healths of many people.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

A prudent virgin  is not suspected of being infected
with Sexually Transmitted Infections
What does it mean ‘prudent virgin’?
The answer is here:

Control of Sexuality 

Most abnormal discharges are caused by STIs

Most ulcers and lesions are caused by STIs

Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention
according to mainstream science of medical epidemiology.

A prudent virgin is not suspected of being infected with Sexually Transmitted Infections. This has been known for centuries to the medical profession, our patients, and their direct sexual contacts or careres.

JAMA of 1938, July 23; Vol. 111 (4), page 342
Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA of 1938, July 23; Vol. 111 (4), page 342


To the Editor:—What is the incidence of bartholinitis in virgins, or is it always a result of sexual contamination?
M.D. Calfornia.

Answer.—Bartholinitis nearly always occurs in women who have had sexual intercourse. It is rare to observe this condition in a virgin but it is conceivable that it may occur in young girls afflicted with gonorrheal vulvovaginitis. The duct of Bartholin's gland is about 0.5 mm. in diameter and any irritation, such as a gonorrheal infection, diphtheritic involvement or other condition which produces a vaginitis and vulvitis, might bring about an agglutination of the walls of the duct, thereby preventing the escape of the gland contents. If the infection is virulent, an abscess will result.
Bartholin cysts and abscesses may occur in the absence of a gonorrheal infection. Cysts particularly may result if scar tissue from childbirth injuries should obstruct the duct of the gland.

The paired Bartholin's glands (also called Bartholin glands or greater vestibular glands) are located just about below and to the left and right of the opening of the vagina and by a 1-cm-long ducts they secrete one or two drops of fluid (mucus) to slightly moisten the vestibulum of the vagina when a female is sexually aroused.  

Any contact of the vestibulum of the vagina with  a vector of an infection (penis, tongue, finger, toy, genital secretion, saliva, feaces)  or  rubbing the inner part of the vulva instead of  the clitoris solely,  can end in painful unilateral or less commonly bilateral  lumps of bartholinitis in its acute, chronic and complicated form (Bartholin's cyst, abscess).

Bartholin's glands were first described in 1667 by the Danish anatomist Caspar Bartholin the Younger. His grandfather, Caspar Bartholin the Elder described the hymen as ‘virginity flower’ (in Latin ‘flos virginitatis) in 1632 .
see:  Depiction of Virginity