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Progressive versus regressive
Forward versus backward
New man versus old man

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;

"... Ein jeglicher Christenmensch ist zweierlei Natur, geistlicher und leiblicher. Nach der Seele wird er ein geistlicher, neuer, innerlicher Mensch genannt, nach dem Fleisch und Blut wird er ein leiblicher, alter und äußerlicher Mensch genannt..."
Martin Luther:  Von der Freiheit eines Christenmenschen
"...Man is composed of a twofold nature, a spiritual and a bodily. As regards the spiritual nature, which they name the soul, he is called the spiritual, inward, new man; as regards the bodily nature, which they name the flesh, he is called the fleshly, outward, old man..."
Martin Luther:  Von der Freiheit eines Christenmenschen

Control of Sexuality

وَمَا يَفْعَلُوا مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَلَنْ يُكْفَرُوهُ ۗ وَاللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ بِالْمُتَّقِينَ
wa- maa yafcalo min khayr fa- lan yukfaro -hu wa- 'allaah calem bi- al- muttaqen
سورة 3. آل عمران، آية 115

Аларның кылган изге гамәлләренең әҗере Аллаһ хозурында инкяр ителмәс. Аллаһудан куркып, гөнаһлардан сакланучы тәкъва кешеләрне, әлбәттә, Аллаһ белә.

And whatever good they do, they shall not be denied it, and God knows the God-fearing.
Surah 3. Al-i'Imran, Ayah 115
out of H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal's Address to H.H. Pope Benedict XVI
at the King Hussein Mosque, Amman, Jordan

 May 9th, 2009 CE
14th Jamada Al-Uwla, 1430 AH

The importance of virginity before marriage: Noxological clues
There is a large time gap between puberty and maturity. Immature virgins easily fall prey to sexual predators. As a result, devirginized victims of sex obsessed maniacs and/or of their own foolish curiosity no longer can offer their virginity to future spouses.

Instead, they bring into their new family's marital life the following disadvantages:
- lack of virginal shame which is an effective barrier against sexual exploitation,
- worn out sexual intimacy which is man's and woman's personal property and should be shared exclusively within their marriage,  inasmuch as the more intimacy a married couple has to share exclusively between themselves, the more special and unique the sexual relationship in that marriage becomes, (all legal, economic benefits of marriage are based on conjugal sexual exclusiveness, encompassing respect for the most fundamental and uniquely human right from the start which is a personal property right that can be found in nakedness  by those who gained knowledge of good and evil: Genesis 3:7. , therefore nudity which is one's personal property  should be shared within one's marriage exclusively because marital property exists to protect spousal rights.)
- sex maniacs' sexual footprints imprinting virgin minds,
- impaired concupiscense which should be "remedied" by marriage only,
- own returning memories which can be mirrored vividly by ex-lovers, even forgotten ones,
- indisputable evidence of the past behaviour in the form of pornograhic data and records obtained from digital media (text, photo, video, audio) and Internet usage
- unwanted sexual experiences and/or comparisons, unacceptable for a spouse
- sexually transmitted infections (STIs), usually asymptomatic but still contagious and sooner or later showing signs and symptoms of  sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) also know as venereal diseases.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention according to mainstream science of medical epidemiology

Non-virginal marriages much more often than virginal ones become overburdened with problems of retrospective jealousy, infidelity, and well as with physical and psychological sequelae of venereal diseases,  including inferiltity, cancer, mother-to-child transmitted diseases passed before, during and after birth.
Such adversities fuel numerous social pathologies and marriages affected by them are more likely to be dissolved. This undermines prosperity of the victims' old and new families.  Children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, and members of extended family, all those who have some expectations and hopes concerning  good fruits of their relatives' marital stability, all of them become badly harmed by an act of illicit devirginization far back in the past.
This is why normal societies set rules on preserving virginity until marriage.
Differences between males and females rooted in their anatomy and physiology should be blamed for the backward and oppressive misconception that 'only women should be virgins until married'.
The culture of life and love that makes globalization genuinely progressive takes a stand on equal rights for women, sets a high standard for ethics and integrity, and makes it clear that 'men and women should be virgins until married', rejects gender inequality and any ot its  manifestations, particularly such outrageous like clitoridectomy and infibulation:
Where female virginity at marriage is considered vitally important, even rumors that question a girl's morality may be sufficient to harm a family's honor and effectiveness in a community and bar her from marriage. In this context, clitoridectomy and infibulation serve a clear and compelling purpose: they guarantee virginity, morality, marriage- ability and the hope of old age security,  all in one decisive action taken when she is too young to object. Any girl known to have been properly circumcised in the pharaonic manner can be assumed to be a virgin and marriageable, since there are usually a number of older women to bear witness to the thoroughness of the infibulation. People can therefore assume that there is both an attenuation of the girl's sexuality (because of the clitoridectomy) and a barrier to penetration (because of the infibulation), so even if she had had the opportunity, they can assume she will not have engaged in premarital sex. But for a girl who has not been properly infibulated, as in the case in which her parents might have chosen to follow contemporary ideas about having only a milder form such as sunna circumcision, doubts can be raised about her virginity and her morality leaving her vulnerable to being passed over in marriage.
Ellen Gruenbaum, The female circumcisión controversy: an anthropological perspective, 2001