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Parental control over awakening sexuality
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The Bible on sexual maturity

According to an ancient tradition, allegelly dating back to Sinai, puberty is established by the growth of at least two pubic hairs. The Talmud estimated that the appearance of pubic hair generally coincides with the beginning of the fourteenth year of a male and the thirteenth year of a female. The determining condition of adulthood is puberty, not age. In the absence of pubic development one remains a minor. On the other hand, pubic symptoms prior to the age of twelve or thirteen are considered premature abnormalities which do not signify adulthood. (...) The peak of intellectual development, according to the Talmud, is reached at the age of twenty in both sexes.The Biblical and historical background of Jewish customs and ceremonies, by Abraham P. Bloch
יְחֶזְקֵאל טז
ז רְבָבָה, כְּצֶמַח הַשָּׂדֶה נְתַתִּיךְ, וַתִּרְבִּי וַתִּגְדְּלִי, וַתָּבֹאִי בַּעֲדִי עֲדָיִים: שָׁדַיִם נָכֹנוּ וּשְׂעָרֵךְ צִמֵּחַ, וְאַתְּ עֵרֹם וְעֶרְיָה.
Ezekiel 16
7 And I helped you to thrive like a plant in the field. You grew up and became a beautiful jewel. Your breasts became full, and your body hair grew, but you were still naked..

"The prophet has arrived at the time at which the child grew up to maturity. God preserved the life of the infant which must without His help have died Ezekiel 16:6; and the child grew up to womanhood, but was still desolate and unprotected. This represents the sojourn in Egypt, during which the people increased, but were not bound, as a nation, to God by a covenant." Barnes' Notes on the Bible:

The ancient Romans on sexual maturity

Virgo pubescens, et nux matura rubescens,  illa quidem tangi vult, haec de stipite frangi.
A virgin reaching puberty (literally 'getting pubes') and a ripe nut becoming red, the former certainly wants to be touched, the latter wants to be taken from the branch.

The ancient Roman common wisdom recalled above is reflected in many modern languages:

Ist das Mädchen flügg und reif, scheut es nicht den Vogel Greif , wie die braunen Nüsse auch fallen gern vom Strauch . – Eiselein, 441. Ao peixe fresco, gasta-o cedo, e havendo tua filha crescido, dá-lhe marido. Il ne faut point faire grenier de filles. El pez fresco gástalo presto, y habiendo tu hija crecido, cásala con marido.Le ragazze sono come i cavalli: se non si danno via de giovani, perdono la loro ventura.

"Apart from love poetry, the word PUELLA defines the period of a girl's life from infancy to the age of menarche, a time fixed in Julian law as 12 years old, the minimal age at which a girl could legally become a wife. Cases of aristocratic girls being married at a much earlier age were widespread before the passage of the Lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus in 18 BCE.

Even after Augustus limited the engagement period to two years, elite parents
betrothed prepubescent daughters to men who were sometimes underage and frequently much older, divorced or widowed. The imperial family was particularly guilty: Vipsania was engaged to Tiberius when she was 2 years old and he was 7;  the Emperor Claudius’ daughter Octavia was first betrothed to L. Junius Silanus as an infant; when that engagement was broken by her stepmother, she was married at 11 to her adopted brother Nero. Various and multiple motives led nobles to commit their daughters to marriage before they were capable of understanding or giving consent. Chief among them was the desire for forging family alliances and improving sociopolitical status, though some consideration was given to finding a man of good character, especially during the classical period. Finally, paternal concern for a young girl's virginity and filial obedience made early marriage desirable. However, unlike female children born to the poor who were often unwanted and abandoned, elite daughters were not begrudged family resources and attention. Prominent fathers showed pride in and love for their daughters, educating and encouraging them in various ways – Matrimonium

Our predecessors did not neglect sexual urges awakening in pubertal children. Instead, they protected the most vulnerable ones against sexual abuse and its grave effects.

Although definitely NOT mature, pubertal and adolescent boys and girls are sexual entities who nowadays are being exposed on an unprecedented scale to hazards never seen before.

widespread and notorious violation of basic norms of child protection first of all  of parents rights to protect their children  from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation see: Dr Halat's lecture on child sexual exploitation


rapidly increasing number of victims of so called 'digital abuse' acting as role models for their peers
when free access of pedophiles and ephebophiles to unlimited number of children and adolescents by means of digital media (text, photo, video, audio) and the Internet beyond parental control  offers a comfortable and untroubled playground for sexual predators, sex obsessed maniacs, sexual deviants who dehumane, humiliate, and imprint their deviances on our children's minds. see: Depiction of virginity


rise of  militant anti-religiosity, militant secularism spreading all over the world when in place of God are being put simple pleasures mediated by brain chemicals that are triggered by biological mechanisms easily commercialized for the sake of financial tycoons  and their puppets and agents of influence in governments, mainstream media, pop culture, academia, and other opinion-making bodies.