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Flor de virginidad por Regino E. Boti  Flower of Virginity by Regino E. Boti (Google translated)
Intocada, esculpida por la mano
de artífice inmortal,
de tus carnes turgentes se desprende
hálito primaveral.

Impoluta mujer de mis pesares,
de tu cuerpo, que es nieve y arrebol,
emana como el ínclito perfume
de afrodisíaca flor.

Absorto en tus suaves morbideces,
he sabido tus combas admirar,
y he puesto la obsesión de mis sentidos
en la vivida mancha de un lunar.

Oh, virgen, pura, nacarina! Todo
tu cuerpo es hostia palpitante y luz,
algo incorrupto que luchando vive
y busca lo que es excelsitud.

Si la maternidad -ábrego impío
que vuelca el cáliz del placer- rozó
enfurecido tu inmarchita carne,
nada de ti agostó.

Porque en lo marmóreo de tus senos,
níveos alcores que la grana ornó,
está erecta la vida que aún es broche
presagiando el portento de la flor.

Las curvas de tus flancos son de lira;
y tu elástico torso de marfil
es como la erosión de un lirio enorme
sobre un golpe de ola en acantil.

La piel que anilla como un beso vivo
el cáliz róseo de tu ombligo no
ha palpado la injuria del combate
que la maternidad libró.

Tu sexo mismo se levanta intacto
con orgullo de ser joya carnal...
Obra maestra que el ultraje salvas,
eres en mis estrofas inmortal!

Intocada, esculpida por la mano
de quien la sacra forma deificó,
la misma vida que humillarte quiso
al violar tu pureza te besó.

Virgen! Sí. La maternidad no pudo
envolverle en su vuelo de huracán:
pasó sobre el blasón de tu belleza
como pasa una nube sobre el mar!
Untouched, carved by hand
immortal architect,
Your turgid meat is clear
spring breath.

Untainted woman of my sorrows,
your body, which is snow and glow,
like perfume emanates ínclito
aphrodisiac flower.

Absorbed in your soft morbidities,
I have known your combas admire,
and I put the obsession of my senses
lived in a lunar spot.

Oh, virgin, pure, nacreous! All
your body is throbbing and light wafer,
something that fighting uncorrupted lives
and seeks what is sublimity.

If the wicked maternity -ábrego
overturning the cup of pleasure brushed
Enraged your inmarchita meat,
anything from you August.

Because in the marble of your breasts,
snowy hillsides that scarlet Orno,
is upright life is still brooch
presaging the wonder of the flower.

The curves of your flanks are lyre;
and your torso elastic ivory
it's like a huge lily erosion
on a wave hit Cliff.

The skin as a living kiss ring
the rosy cup of your navel no
He has felt the insult of combat
motherhood fought.

Your sex itself stands intact
with pride of being carnal jewel ...
Masterpiece outrage saved,
you are in my immortal verses!

Untouched, carved by hand
who deified sacred way,
the same life that would humiliate
by violating your purity you kissed.

Virgin! Yes. The maternity could not
wrap on your flight Hurricane:
He passed over the crest of your beauty
as a cloud passed over the sea!

Membrane (hymen)– a Greek depiction of female virginity

Membrane (hymen)– a Greek depiction of female virginity. The Greek words υμένας and υμήν [Latin spelling ‘hymenas’ and ‘hymen’] literally mean in English ‘membrane’, and NOT ‘virginal membrane”.

The Greek words υμένας  and υμήν [Latin spelling ‘hymenas’ and ‘hymen’] literally mean in English ‘membrane’, and NOT ‘virginal membrane”.
Andreas Vesalius, the founder of modern human anatomy, in the 16th century, was the first to use ‘hymen’ specifically for the membrane of the vaginal orifice.
The common sense approach depiction of the hymen in popular culture:
claustrum virginale (the seal of virginity).
Titian (Tiziano Vecelli), an Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school. An Allegory of Marriage, with Vesta and Hymen as Protectors and Advisers of the Union of Venus and Mars. Oil on canvas. The Louvre, Paris, France.
Ο Υμήν ή Υμέναιος ήταν στην αρχαιότητα ο θεός των γαμήλιων τελετών
The Membrane or Ymenaios was an ancient god of wedding ceremonies.
because the virginal membrane brings a bride and groom together.
No marriage took place without his being invoked to sanction it. He is described as having around his brows the flowers of marjoram, in his left hand the flame-coloured nuptial veil, in his right the nuptial torch, and on his feet golden sandals.

The hymen

Curtain (purdah)– a Persian depiction of female virginity

The Persian word پرده , plural پرده‌ها [Latin spelling ‘parde’ and ‘parde-hâ’] literally in English means 'curtain', 'veil', 'screen', especially as used to conceal and divide women from men and strangers, and as such has been adopted into Hindi पर्दा   [pardā], Urdu پردہ [parda], Kurdi پرده [pirde], Turkish perde, and to many other languages.

As the other meaning of
the Persian word پرده is 'harem', even metaphorically, what the good is to see or hear, as well as 'membrane', 'a thin layer of tissue that covers the surface of organs', پرده بکارت [parde-ye bekârat] stands for virginal membrane, literally 'a curtain of the virgin'