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The inscription of Pope Damasus engraved on marble , the original of which may yet be seen at the foot of the stairs leading to the sepulchre and church of St. Agnes (Sant' Agnese fuori le muri)
The inscription of Pope Damasus engraved on marble,
the original of which may yet be seen at the foot of the stairs
 leading to the sepulchre and church of St. Agnes (Sant' Agnese fuori le muri)

Fama refert sanctos dudum retulisse parentes Agnen, cum lugubres cantus tuba concrepuisset, nutricis gremium subito liquisse puellam, sponte trucis calcasse minas rabiemque tyranni. urere cum flammis voluisset nobile corpus viribus inmensum parvis superasse timorem, nudaque profusum crinem per membra dedisse, ne domini templum facies peritura videret.
o veneranda mihi, sanctum decus, alma, pudoris, ut Damasi precibus faveas precor, inclyta martyr.
Discite quid meriti praestet pro rege feriri: femina non timuit gladium, cum natis obivit, confessa Christum meruit per saecula nomen.
0366-0383- SS Damasus I - Epigrammata

The metrical panegyric of Pope Damasus tells us that immediately after the promulgation of the imperial edict against the Christians Agnes voluntarily declared herself a Christian, and suffered very steadfastly the martyrdom of fire, giving scarcely a thought to the frightful torments she had to endure, and concerned only with veiling, by means of her flowing hair, her chaste body which had been exposed to the gaze of the heathen multitude (Nudaque profusum crinem per membra dedisse, Ne domini templum facies peritura videret). Prudentius, in his description of the martyrdom, adheres rather to the account of St. Ambrose, but adds a new episode: The judge threatened to give over her virginity to a house of prostitution, and even executed this final threat; but when a young man turned a lascivious look upon the virgin, he fell to the ground stricken with blindness, and lay as one dead. Possible this is what Damasus and Ambrose refer to, in saying that the purity of St. Agnes was endangered; the latter in particular says (loc. cit.): Habetis igitur in una hostiâ duplex martyrium, pudoris et religionis: et virgo permansit et martyrium obtinuit (Behold therefore in the same victim a double martyrdom, one of modesty, the other of religion. She remained a virgin, and obtained the crown of martyrdom).
Since the Middle Ages St. Agnes has been represented with a lamb, the symbol of her virginal innocence. On her feast two lambs are solemnly blessed, and from their wool are made the palliums sent by the Pope to archbishops. "
Catholic Encyclopedia

Under the Islamic Shari'ah law nudity is strictly restricted.

Professor Rashad Hassan Khalil, a former dean of Al-Azhar University's faculty of Sharia: "being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage".

Professor Dr. Omar Hassan Kasule Sr. Human Sexuality and the Shariat Shyness, Haya

"The Islamic term haya is not perfectly translated by the English term, shyness. Haya is an inner spiritual protective device that makes a person shun sin and what may lead to it. It is not bashfulness or being introvert as some may think of it. Haya is considered part of faith, iman (KS p. 206). It is the morality of Islam (KS p. 206). Haya is always for the good and can never be negative (KS p. 206). It is a characteristic attribute of all messengers (KS p. 206). The Qur'an describes in detail the haya of the daughters of Shuaib in their meeting with Musa (PBUH) which should serve as a model for other women (28:23-28).
Covering Nakedness, Satr al Awrat
Awrat are those parts of the body that could elicit sexual stimulation if seen. Covering awrat prevents sexual corruption. Nudity of varying degrees is found in societies according to their level of sexual morality. Both men and women must cover the awrat. The awrat of men is different from that of women. The woman's awrat is all her body except the face and the hands. The man's awrat is confined to what is between the navel, surrat, and the knee, rukbat. The extent of covering awrat also depends on the person likely to see and the person being seen (24:31). More of the awrat could be exposed to close relatives within the confines of the home (24:31, 33:55). A close male relative is not allowed to see a woman's nakedness except what is between the navel and the knee. The regulations of hijab are relaxed for an elderly woman with no hope of marriage (24:60). The laws on exposing nakedness start applying to children from the age of 7. They should seek permission before entering rooms of adults in the home for fear of accidental exposure of awrat. Male and female children should not share beds after the age of 7. The law regulates the use of public baths. Where it is not possible to cover awrat, public baths are forbidden (KS p. 203). Naked persons are not allowed in such baths (KS p. 203). The laws of hijab contain special provisions for women as was described in the verses on hijab (KS p. 541). It is not enough for the woman to cover her nakedness. The law of hijab specifies in detail how that nakedness has to be covered. For example it must be covered in such a way that the shape of the body is not definable. Clothes through which the color of the skin can be seen are not permitted. In general the woman should cover all of her body except the face and the hands. In cases of high temptation due to her beauty she may have to wear a full veil covering her face as well. "

Nicolas Venette: les timides sont plus amoureuses que les enjouées - the shy ones are more loving than the impudent ones
"II n'en est pas de mesme des gaies & des enjouées, elles sont plus seches & n'engendrent pas tant d'excremens, elles n 'ont pas le temps de demeurer en repos, ni de rêver à l'amour; si elles sont amoureuses, elles ne le sont qu'avec inconstance, à cause de l' activité de leur sang, & de la multiplicité des objet timids qui leur plaisent. Ainsi je puis véritablement conclure que  les timides sont plus amoureuses que les enjouées." the shy ones are more loving than the impudent ones.
Nicolas Venette: “La Génération de l’homme ou Tableau de l’amour conjugal”

Nicolas Venette (Charles Patin), un grand médecin du 17e siècle, il a laissé des ouvrages sur le scorbut, les eaux minérales, la lithiase urinaire, la sexologie, il est considéré comme le premier sexologue français. Nicolas Venette (Charles Patin), a great physician of the 17th century, he left works on scurvy, mineral waters, urinary calculi, sexology, he is considered to be the first French sexologist.

Take precautions before it is too late:

Ennen maa repee kuin huora häpee.
Ennen maa repee kuin huora häpee. Never expect impudent people to improve their manners.
It's more likely for the earth to rip than for a 'hoe' to feel ashamed.
Never expect impudent people to improve their manners.